Billions of devices are coming online, and the growth is causing enterprises to hit resource limitations as they try to scale. There’s never been a better time to remove resource inefficiencies across the entire IT product lifecycle. HPE can help you adopt sustainable IT practices and make the most of your budget.

  • 80%

    of product environmental impact is influenced during


  • 30%

    of large data centre servers are unused, wasting $30 billion annually

  • 145M

    pounds of IT equipment processed by our TRC’s since 2018

Leverage efficient product design

We take a holistic approach to product design that results in fewer material inputs, lower product power consumption, and minimised waste–reducing total cost of ownership for you to contribute to a more circular economy.

Achieve your business goals with efficient IT

Embrace new business models

Consume IT as a service to take advantage of the latest technologies and asset lifecycle management services. With HPE GreenLake, you pay only for what you use and get capacity when you need it without the consumption of unnecessary assets.

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Extend asset life

One of the key tenets of the circular economy is to keep assets in use longer to reduce new raw material extraction and minimise e-waste potential. HPE Asset Upcycling Services can maximise end-of-use asset value and provide money back for other innovation projects.

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Success in action
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Accenture leverages the circular economy

Accenture needed to improve its IT asset disposition (ITAD) process to improve supply chain transparency and efficiency to achieve its goals. It found that the circular economy was the answer.


Accenture looked to improve chain of custody tracking, secure asset retirement and reporting around its refurbished and recycled assets.


Accenture accelerated its circular economy approach, executed a new end-of-use management plan to help optimise yield and re-marketing opportunities.

"Asset Upcycling Services enables us to extend the life of our assets. This is critical for meeting our sustainability goals."

Renee Cordova Lottes, CIO Platform Management, Strategic Initiatives Lead, Accenture


Accenture’s savings include reducing emissions by 197 metric tonnes of CO2e, avoiding 817 MWh of energy and diverting 5.5 metric tonnes of waste from landfill.