Protect your infrastructure from threats and ensure top performance by using only Genuine Hewlett Packard Enterprise software, spares and options

Risks of Counterfeit HPE Software, Spares & Options

HPE starts with the highest quality components. We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to create specific HPE firmware, drivers, and software that provide optimized performance and manageability.

Around the world, a number of fraudulent HPE parts are being represented as new HPE product. These parts are packaged as HPE Option Kits and Spares Kits. HPE is providing these tools and information to allow validation of authentic HPE parts.

To validate your HPE part, download the HPE Validate mobile app from either the Apple App or Google Play stores. The App will allow you to scan the barcode on the label for easy validation. If you need help locating the Security Label on your part, please see the information below.

Locating the Label


Most often found overlapping top or bottom edge of large white label.

Note: 3PAR drives that were manufactured and shipped prior to 3PAR joining Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will not have an HPE ACF Security Label. Drives for XP Arrays are sourced “fully kitted” from the OEM, and do not carry an HPE ACF Security Label.

Memory DIMM

Usually found on the right side of the DIMM – opposite the memory specification label.

All memory DIMMs produced by HPE will have the ACF Security Label.

Processor & Heatsink

Processor kits can be validated via the label affixed to the bundled heatsink.

Processor option (upgrade) kits from HPE ship with both the processor and heatsink. The validity of the processor can be validated via the ACF Security Label on the heatsink.

Aruba Transceiver

Beginning in 2017, Security ID numbers can be found on HPE Aruba transceivers. The “SID” can be validated on this site.

Option (upgrade) kits from HPE also ship with a tamper evident seal on the plastic clamshell, as shown in the picture.


Beginning in 2017, security features in the form of 2D datamatrix barcodes can be found in some HPE software licenses.

Validating your HPE software license ensures that you are using an authentic HPE licensed product.


The hardware commodities listed here also ship with tamper evident labels on their packaging. You can validate your purchase with the Security ID found on this label.

Tamper evident seals on the exterior of product packaging allow you to validate Genuine HPE parts prior to purchase and part handling.

Visual Inspection - Label Hologram

To help prevent Security Labels from being counterfeited, HPE uses a two-factor authentication system. The Security ID can be validated at the top of this web page, and the hologram can be validated with the guidelines here.

Additional hologram images and details can be found on these pages regarding Security Labels found on Genuine HPE drives and memory.

For the November 2016 release:

1. Rotate label up and down - “HPE” and “Hewlett Packard Enterprise” will move in and out, in opposite directions.

2. Rotate label left and right - “HPE” and “Hewlett Packard Enterprise” will move horizontally, in opposite directions.

For the July 2015 release:

1. Rotate label up and down - the “ok” and ✔ move in and out, in opposite directions.

2. Rotate label left and right - the “ok” and ✔ move in the same direction around the center logo.

For the June 2011 release:

1. Security strip has holographic medallions which switch from HP to ✔ to OK and fade to transparent. The holographic ink is bright green in color.

2. Partial medallions (incomplete circles) are okay, but they must still alternate between the three images and must each be bright green in color.

Evidence of Label Tampering

2016 Release

Labels are designed that they cannot be removed whole. Any label that exhibits rips or tears has been tampered with.

2015 Release

Labels are designed that they cannot be removed whole. Any label that exhibits rips or tears has been tampered with.

2011 Release

Labels that have been tampered with or removed will damage the label and leave behind a residue on the part.

*Some photos on this site and labels on certain products may still bear the HP trademark and logo (which now belong to HP Inc.) rather than the HPE trademark and logo if purchased before the transition to Hewlett Packard Enterprise branding occurred following the November 1, 2015, separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc., which are now two independent companies.