The cloud that comes to you — wherever your apps and data live.

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The Cloud Experience Where You Need It

Gain the agility and financial flexibility your business needs to move faster.  With roughly 70% of apps and data still residing on-premises, HPE GreenLake delivers the cloud experience across your edges, colocations, and datacenters. 


Accelerate your business outcomes with the widest portfolio of on-premises cloud services, fast delivery, and over 12 years of consumption-based experience.


Innovate faster and deliver on your business needs with customer-ready solutions built on HPE GreenLake and a robust ecosystem of partners, resellers, and service providers. The cloud experience is that simple.

Watch the HPE GreenLake: The Cloud that Comes to You video
Accelerate outcomes in four ways
  • Gain self-service agility
    Easily deploy resources, view your costs, and forecast capacity – all from one intuitive platform: HPE GreenLake Central.
  • Flex with pay-per-use
    Avoid heavy upfront costs and expensive overprovisioning and only pay for what you use.
  • Scale up and down
    Reduce your worry and your costs with scalable capacity that’s ready when you need it.
  • Managed for you
    Offload the burden of operating IT and free up resources with fully-managed cloud services.
Watch the Getting the cloud experience with HPE GreenLake Central video
See how it works
  • Choose the workloads you need
    Select from dozens of cloud services spanning infrastructure, platforms, and industry-specific workloads.
  • Get transparent pricing with a few clicks
    Estimate and compare different workload scenarios using our guided online pricing tool.
  • Clear a space; we’ll be there fast
    Place your order and your HPE GreenLake solution will be delivered to your edge, datacenter, or colocation in as little as 14 days.
Innovate across your ecosystem
  • Think applications first 
    Work with industry leaders like Microsoft and Intel that build their roadmaps on HPE GreenLake.
  • Simplify your hybrid cloud
    Leverage a secure cloud-native platform and innovations for on-premises HPE GreenLake cloud services. 
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
    Save energy in your datacenter or at a colocation provider.
  • Gain agility with colocation partners
    Get the cloud experience, offload running the data center, and avoid capital costs thru a network of datacenters delivered by colocation partners.

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Data transformation

Unlock insights and protect your business’ most valuable resource: data. With as-a-service offerings for ML Ops, HPC, data management, and protection, you can focus on putting your data to work for you with the assurance that it’s secured and protected.

Application modernization

Gain ultimate flexibility and give developers the resources they need to work faster. Transform traditional, non-cloud native apps without having to re-architect through containers as-a-service. Get the cloud experience for virtual machines, containers, and bare metal.

Infrastructure agility

Power your business and gain more agility with infrastructure as a service.  Achieve better performance, scale, efficiency and agility across your storage and compute. With as a service offerings, including preconfigured options for general purpose, composable, mission critical, and data protection, you can focus on innovation while your infrastructure does the work.