HPE GreenLake cloud services

Bring the cloud experience to all your apps and data.  Choose from our portfolio of hybrid and private cloud SaaS and IaaS offerings, or build unique solutions to your needs with HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions.

Private cloud

Build a self-service, self-managed private cloud on demand wherever you need it with a unified interface to simplify VM to infrastructure management. 

Streamline and modernize across your multi-gen IT with a fully managed cloud experience for bare metal, containers, and VMs in your private environment.

Hybrid cloud

Provides a simplified, secure, self service hybrid cloud running on fully managed HPE infrastructure and VMware Cloud Foundation software for new or existing cloud environments. 

Provides self-service management of containers across edge, data center and hybrid cloud. Gain more flexibility, scalability, and reduced total cost with container optimized and standardized configurations.

AI, ML, and data analytics

On-demand, multi-tenant cloud service provides enterprises the power to privately train, tune, and deploy large-scale AI models.


Deliver innovative business outcomes by leveraging new ways to consume, deploy and manage networks.

Unify cloud-native network management across branch, remote, campus, data center, and IoT networks with AI-powered insights, workflow automation, and edge-to-cloud security.

Enable data access wherever it lives with a secure SD-WAN SASE solution that produces both the connectivity and security necessary for hybrid cloud.

Data storage

Simplify data management with self-service agility for all your apps with enterprise block storage built on an expanded HPE Alletra portfolio.

Accelerate your most demanding, data-intensive workloads with enterprise performance at scale.

Simplify the management of your storage networking fabrics as you accelerate productivity, increase scale, and optimize storage networking investments.

Scale capacity and performance independently with mission-critical resiliency at midrange economics.

Data protection

Deliver for every backup SLA across hybrid cloud with industry-leading backup, recovery, and ransomware protection.

Reduce your risk of data loss and downtime by deploying our simplified, self-service cloud solution in minutes. Protect data across multisite deployments and VMware workloads.

Core compute

Seamlessly monitor, manage and gain visibility of our distributed compute environment.

Remotely manage, support, and gain insights on all HPE OneView appliances and connected infrastructure devices.


Deliver virtual machines (VMs) using native Azure experience and capabilities across a self‑service hybrid cloud, on demand and delivered as a service.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions

Eliminate the complexity of IT infrastructure planning, setup, and management while gaining the financial flexibility and operational ease of cloud. Build solutions for your unique needs with standardized, pay-as-you-go IT infrastructure managed through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions provide hybrid observability through an AI-powered command center that consolidates infrastructure operations and automates incident remediation.