Supply chain responsibility

We work collaboratively with suppliers to protect and elevate workers and reduce negative environmental impacts. Our extensive Supply Chain Responsibility (SCR) program helps ensure the continuity of our supply lines and quality of our products by assessing risks, improving performance, and sharing expertise to drive responsible practices throughout the industry.

Supply chain responsibility

Our adaptive supply chain and industry-leading SCR standards support delivery of world-class products and services, ensuring we remain a trusted sourcing partner to our customers.

Supplier SER requirements

Any supplier doing business with us must commit to strict social and environmental requirements.

Supplier list

We publish a list of HPE production suppliers and information about their sustainability practices.

Audit findings

Every year we audit factories around the world that make our products and we publish the results.

Reducing environmental impacts

By addressing environmental impacts in our supply chain, including energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, waste, and water, we meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements, enhance resource efficiency, and improve the environmental footprints of our products.

Leading the way in emissions reductions

HPE set a first-of-its-kind supply chain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goal based on climate science. The capability-building program will enable 80% of our manufacturing suppliers to set science-based emissions reduction targets in their own operations by 2030. HPE customized a supplier-facing GHG emissions management dashboard in partnership with Optera to help suppliers track their progress towards publicly stated emissions reductions goals, and allows them to view their own performance against that of their peers.

Supporting workers

We are committed to improving the lives of workers and eradicating forced labor and human trafficking. We provide additional protection for vulnerable groups at heightened risk of exploitation and drive industry action through targeted capability-building, focused monitoring, and strict standards.

Protecting migrant workers

Nearly 10 years ago, we launched our industry leading standard to protect migrant workers. We recently updated it to recognize risk to internal migrants and to further advance all areas of the standard. We continue to promote, support and help our suppliers commit to the employer pays principle.

Safeguarding marginalized groups

We seek to engage with representatives from diverse groups. We are committed to demonstrating our respect for the human rights of all individuals in our value chain and where we live and work, with particular concern for identifying, understanding, and reducing risk of negative impact to those most vulnerable.

Elevating student and dispatch workers

HPE created the first standard in our industry addressing the increase in the use of student and dispatch workers in China. We require all student work to be voluntary, limit the number of student workers, and ensure roles further their education.

Uncompromising on human rights

Respecting human rights is a core value at HPE and is embedded through our operations and value chain.

Responsible sourcing of minerals

Working closely with our suppliers, we aim to advance the responsible sourcing of tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas - including the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the DRC adjoining countries - used in our products. HPE has been a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative since 2008 and writes an annual report detailing our efforts. HPE also supports the Minerals Grievance Platform, which is an online, cross-industry platform designed to screen and address grievances linked to minerals supply chains. It is neither managed by nor affiliated with HPE.

Learn more about Living Progress

For more details on how we are addressing supply chain responsibility, check out the “Ethical Sourcing” section of our annual Living Progress Report. To learn about our progress, see “Supply Chain Responsibility” in our Data Summary.

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