Living Progress Report

Climate change, security, and inequality are among the critical challenges of our time—here is how we’re helping to solve them.

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most secure industry servers on the market1


reduction in operational GHG emissions since 2015, achieving our goal of 25% by 20252


SER audits representing 95% of supplier spend


of all supercomputers on the June 2017 Green500 list
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2017 Living Progress Report Highlights

Catch the highlights of the report. 

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  • "I am privileged to head a leading technology company at such an important and exciting time. The pace of innovation in IT is the brightest hope for solving the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges for generations to come.”


    Antonio Neri, President and Chief Executive Officer

    “Companies committed to aggressive sustainability targets are already seeing the benefits—from increased innovation, to reduced regulatory uncertainty, strengthened investor confidence, and improved profitability and competitiveness.”

    Christopher Wellise, Chief Sustainability Officer
  • “Integrating sustainability goals into our digital supply chain strategy ensures that we remain a trusted sourcing partner to our customers, providing them with high-quality products that are manufactured responsibly.”

    Cliff Henson, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Our stories and impact

Find out how we’re creating sustainable solutions for our company, our customers, and our world. 

Our company

How we minimize the impact of our products, our operations, and our supply chain.

Our customers

How our customers' digital transformations can improve efficiencies and security.

Our world

How we leverage connected technologies to create a sustainable world.

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HPE Living Progress reports for previous years

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1.For 1P and 1U servers

2.HPE’s operational emissions and 25% reduction are based on Scope 2 market-based calculations