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HPE Technology Partner Program - Product catalog

This Catalog highlights our Silver, Gold and Platinum partners working with HPE product groups. Learn who they are and whether their products have been tested on HPE products.


4tech Software Ltd

4tech Software is specialized in software tools for the HPE NonStop platform which assist companies in strengthening their IT system security and complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

abatUS (abat)

abat offers comprehensive solutions for software-supported process optimization and accompanies businesses in almost all facets of digital transformation, always focusing on the combination of industry-specific knowledge with technical expertise. abat has been a silver partner in the HPE partner program since 2022, working on topics such as MES in discrete manufacturing, AI and VR.

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A strategic global partnership that combines ABB Ability™ industry-leading digital offerings, with HPE’s innovative secure edge compute and hybrid IT solutions, as well as new financial business models.

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HPE and Acronis are working together to define the standard for hybrid cloud IT data protection solutions for enterprises and service providers worldwide.


Aerospike and HPE are working together to deliver real-world AI use cases where both extreme scale data and performance are required without breaking the bank.

Learn more about Solution Blueprint for Benchmarking Aerospike Enterprise Database Performance


Arcserve UDP delivers built-in integration with HPE 3PAR hardware snapshot technology for high-performance, low impact and space efficient snapshots of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs).

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Ascert provides automated, quality, end-to-end testing solutions that perform critical testing operations in a reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective manner, even under the most extreme application conditions.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

HPE and Amazon Web Services are working together to deliver a consistent, reliable hybrid cloud experience for enterprises. AWS and HPE enable companies to develop and manage applications & workloads, as well as integrated cost management, across HPE GreenLake and AWS environments.

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Bacula Systems

Bacula Enterprise integrates closely with HPE technologies to provide secure, customizable, and highly scalable backup and recovery software for even the most complex IT environments.

Baldwin Hackett & Meeks, Inc.

HPE and BHMI have been in partnership since 1986. Throughout the decades, BHMI's partnership has grown and encompasses all HPE platforms, including NonStop, UNIX and Windows.

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BlackWood Systems

BlackWood Systems focuses on monitoring, diagnosing, and troubleshooting HPE NonStop™  Server operations.

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Bloombase and HPE are working together to deliver application-transparent, high-bandwidth data-at-rest encryption security using post-quantum-cryptography for customers deploying with HPE compute, networking and storage technologies.

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BPC Group

BPC partnership with HPE brings more efficiency and control for financial institutions that rely on the SmartVista platform to run their banking and payment services.

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BrightStrand is one of the leading suppliers of HPE NonStop Services, tailored to your specific requirements. The result? Lower costs, reduced risk, higher availability and increased efficiencies.

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CAIL improves information services and enables NonStop to be more integral in the enterprise with quick, easy information access, security and system modernization capabilities.

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Citrix cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, as you migrate your sensitive app, desktop, and data resources to any cloud or hybrid cloud.


Cloudian is one of the most widely deployed independent providers of object storage. With a native S3 API, bringing the scalability, flexibility, and management efficiency of public cloud storage into your data center while providing ransomware protection and reducing TCO.


Cohesity radically simplifies data management and safeguards data & application, making it easy to protect, manage, and derive value from data — across the data center, edge and cloud.

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Comforte AG

comforte AG's partnership includes key security products in the HPE NonStop OS and trusted technology knowledge based on comforte AG's vast experience on HPE NonStop.

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Commvault software is a data protection and data management solution tightly integrated with HPE Storage. Protect critical business data and VMs, and improve business resiliency with end-to-end backup and recovery solutions from Commvault.

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Computer Security Products, Inc

CSP provides trusted security and compliance solutions for HPE NonStop systems, including leading-edge automated security hardening solutions for HPE NonStop and Linux systems.

Continuous NonStop IT Solutions

Continuous NonStop IT Solutions is a business partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and a supplier of NonStop Education in many regions.


CTERA and HPE empower customers to replace legacy NAS with edge-to-cloud file services for hyper-converged and software-defined infrastructure.

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Cubbit is building an alternative to the centralized cloud: a geo-distributed network that combines companies’ resources to make data storage truly secure, scalable, and affordable—all without giving up control to third parties.

Crystal Point

Since 1986, Crystal Point has delivered efficient, cost-effective HPE NonStop host connectivity software solutions. Our flagship product OutsideView® is secure, reliable, and modern and we best serve our worldwide customer base by remaining abreast of the latest computer trends and technology advancements and by incorporating these new capabilities into our solutions.



Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software with HPE OneView enables IT professionals to manage and mitigate power-related issues and maintain business continuity in HPE environments.

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With a broad solution portfolio addressing cloud security, encryption, and key management, Entrust helps HPE deliver comprehensive end-to-end data protection, ensuring customers can demonstrate compliance.

ESQ Business Services Inc

ESQ provides manageability products for availability monitoring, performance & capacity management of HPE NonStop™ platform. ESQ also offers DataEdge - a streaming analytics and monitoring product for EFT applications running on the HPE NonStop.


ETI-NET is a worldwide leader in managing critical data for industries that never stop. We develop software which allows HPE NonStop servers to access modern technologies. Now in our third decade of operation, ETI-NET is renowned for delivering leading-edge components to major data centers globally.

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F5 secures and delivers the applications and APIs that fuel your business on premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.

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FIS is a leading solution provider in the Financial Services Industry. CONNEX, offered on HPE NonStop, is a comprehensive solution for ATM and POS terminal driving, transaction acquiring, switching and authorization, interfacing to processors and hosts, linking to all major regional, national and international networks, network monitoring, and operational control.


HPE and Fortinet have collaborated to provide best-in-class and unparalleled protection from a comprehensive suite of network, and application security solutions across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Gravic Inc.

Gravic strives to provide Total Replication Solutions® to our customers by adding expert professional services and targeted partner products for customers.

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HP Inc. (Teradici)

Teradici Cloud Access Software, with integrated PCoIP® technology, enables organizations to securely access Windows or Linux virtual desktops hosted on any on-premises or hybrid cloud environment.



Idelji delivers cutting-edge Automated Operations Management and Smart Analytics software solutions for HPE NonStop – Web ViewPoint Enterprise, Payment Monitors, and Local/Remote Analyst.

IndiQus Technologies

In partnering together, IndiQus and HPE  are helping service providers build their public cloud offering on HPE's proven, high-performance hardware.


HPE and iTernity provide integrated solutions for protecting the integrity and availability of critical enterprise data assets. It enables business application data to be retained with a modern, flexible, and scalable infrastructure without hardware lock-ins.

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Komprise analyzes NAS, File and Object/Cloud data to assess, tier, migrate, and replicate data from any storage. We work with large enterprises in life sciences, healthcare, financial services, media & entertainment to save on storage and backup costs while achieving an easier and faster path to the hybrid cloud.


Lightbits and HPE partner to deliver a jointly engineered solution that expands capabilities for organizations pursuing more efficient, agile, scalable, and high-performance software-defined cloud platforms. We also deliver integrated block-based storage on HPE systems to accelerate high-speed database, analytics, and transactional workloads on any cloud.

Lusis Payments

Lusis Payments offers a microservice based solution for mission critical payments. TANGO is available on HPE NonStop platform. Both standard and non-standard transactions can be easily defined in the system on TANGO.


HPE and Microsoft are working together and combining our respective strengths to deliver innovative technologies to help advance your business. Together we take familiar platforms you know and own - from mobile devices and desktops to data center and cloud - and build integrated solutions; services and support that help amplify the speed and effectiveness of your business, grow your competitive edge, and deliver tangible business results.

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NAVIKO delivers a fast, affordable, top-rated data protection solution seamlessly integrated with HPE storage systems for optimized backup, replication, and disaster recovery.

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NuWave provides customized middleware solutions for HPE NonStop application integration using SOAP and REST Web services.

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OmniPayments LLC

OmniPayments and Opsol Integraters focus on payment solutions on HPE NonStop servers. The OmniPayments solution is a modern Financial Transaction Switch capable of processing 10 billion transactions per year.

OpenText (Micro Focus)

HPE and OpenText (Micro Focus) accelerate digital transformation with a broad and deep portfolio of solutions and services that allows us to solve your needs across all of Hybrid IT- from mainframe to traditional IT, from public to hybrid cloud. Our word class solutions for hybrid IT, security and data management and predictive analytics are backed by more than 70 years of innovation and experience.

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Paessler AG

Paessler AG developed a monitoring solution that helps IT professionals monitor their entire infrastructure around the clock, supporting HPE servers out-of-the-box.


Pliops’ XDP Data Services Platform is designed to make traditional data infrastructure run faster and more efficiently. Deploying with HPE servers, Pliops XDP Data Services PCIe card enables greater workload scalability with accelerated performance and higher reliability.

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PrimeCode Services Inc.

PrimeCode Services Inc. is an international software products company specializing in Software Configuration Management (SCM) solutions for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), NonStop™ (formerly known as Tandem NonStop™) systems.


QSA's solutions include backup catalogs for Guardian, OSS and SQL/MX, making data recovery much easier with our point-and-click interfaces.

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Qumulo is a leader in enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage and file services, providing real-time visibility, scale, and control of data. Qumulo’s cloud-native file system delivers an identical experience and capabilities across on-prem, hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

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RackTop Systems

RackTop's software defined Cyberstorage solution, BrickStor SP, is a secure NAS platform for unstructured data enabling any organization to implement a data-centric zero trust architecture.

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Red Hat

HPE and Red Hat together provide powerful integrated solutions for customers who want the confidence of deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux on robust certified systems with comprehensive services and seamless support.

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River Rock Software

River Rock Software provides GUI and web products that interface to a NonStop Server’s subsystems. Programmers, system managers, and end users are productive day one using a visual point and click interface.

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Rubrik Inc

Rubrik is on a mission to secure the world’s data. We help organizations uphold data integrity, deliver data availability that withstands adverse conditions, continuously monitor data risks and threats, and restore businesses with their data when infrastructure is attacked.


Runecast enables customer to take control of VMware SDDC, avoid outages, mitigate risks, and be compliant (DISA STIG, PCI DSS & HIPAA) for your Cloud and on-premises critical systems.



With dedicated people, a complete portfolio of SAP®–optimized services and solutions, committed co–innovation, and a proven business model, HPE and SAP deliver what you need for a successful IT transformation journey.

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The SAS and HPE partnership has helped customers turn data into intelligence for over four decades, from the datacenter to the edge.

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Secure64 Software Corporation

Secure64 is a leader in DDoS protection, security, attack visualisation, anti-malware, DNS and DDI solutions. Our mission is security, stability and safety.

Sparkflows Inc

HPE and Sparkflows partner to bring the power of Low-Code, Self-Serve data analytics and engineering capabilities to Ezmeral Data Fabric to enable the building of data pipelines and AI use cases faster.


StorMagic is solving the world’s edge data problems. We help organizations store, protect, and use their data at and from the edge. Our Forever Data solutions ensure data is always protected and available, no matter the type or location, to provide value anytime, anywhere.

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Striim enables HPE customers to easily gain in-time, in-context insight from their HPE NonStop data by integrating, analyzing, and visualizing it in real time.


SUSE, an independent open-source company, has a 25+ year partnership with HPE to enable better futures through innovation that matters helping customers capitalize on digital transformation with a scalable, open-source foundation.

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TCM Solutions Limited

TCM is a proven, tested, and trusted supplier of business-critical HPE NonStop services and solutions, around the globe since 1996.

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Thales and HPE partner to manage encryption keys across a distributed infrastructure – maximizing security controls and centralizing automated key services from a single point of deployment with SafeNet KeySecure and HPE 3PAR StorServ.

TIC Software

TIC Software is a leading technology product development and consulting services company and draws from a rich NonStop heritage, while focusing simultaneously on modern creative solutions for our clients.

Transaction Design Inc

Transaction Design’s Ban Bottlenecks™ continuous audit service provides precise insight into potential failure points before the failure occurs. Solution-centric. Our collaboration makes you a hero.


With decades of cyber-security expertise, Utimaco works alongside HPE to deliver best-in-class data protection & key management that complement HPE's solutions seamlessly.

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Veeam provides a complete hyper-availability platform for intelligent data management. Veeam and HPE have strategic integrations across the breadth of the HPE portfolio including primary and secondary storage, servers and ConvergedSystem.

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Veritas NetBackup and HPE StoreOnce systems integrate for cost-effective, reliable data protection and archiving that can help businesses improve reaction times to fluctuating data management conditions.


viisights is a leading innovator of behavioral recognition analytics for real-time video intelligence, partnering with HPE to deliver Behavioral Recognition Analytics on edge-to-cloud platform.


Virtana provides a unified multi-cloud management platform to simplify the optimization, migration, and monitoring of application workloads across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Learn more about HPE Storage and Virtana Infrastructure Monitoring

VM2020 Solutions

VM2020 Solutions develops DR automation and resilience validation platforms that realistically simulate cybersecurity exploitation, remediation, recovery, and forensics. Our technologies take full advantage of unique functionality available on HPE SimpliVity and HPE Nimble Storage.


Forged on the strength of a successful 18 year partnership, HPE and VMware deliver proven virtualization solutions from the desktop, to the datacenter, and into the cloud. VMware and HPE are the market leaders in end-to-end virtualization solutions, and work closely together to deliver high value with reduced cost and risk.

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Volt Active Data

Volt Active Data makes real-time data processing a reality. Ingest, analyze, and act on event data in under 10 milliseconds.

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XYPRO’s cyber security solutions provide compliance and ZERO Trust Security for SAP HANA, Linux and HPE NonStop mission critical workloads. XYPRO protects your data as if it was their own.

Zoho Corporation (ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp.)

Zoho Corporation is a multinational technology company that makes computer software and web-based business tools. ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp., provides holistic IT operations management (ITOM) software and partners with HPE to help manage business-critical storage systems from a unified console used to ensure seamless full-stack ITOM.

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