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Empowering your business capabilities

A new style of partnering for better customer outcomes.

Meet your new innovation engine for driving the new style of business. Together, HPE and Wipro will enable organizations to redefine their business possibilities and achieve better business outcomes. Our strategic alignment extends across and down through each company to meet the demands of each and every customer’s expectation.

Why work with HPE and Wipro?

HPE and Wipro are enabling enterprises to extend beyond traditional Data Centers and transform their business to a Hybrid future proof environment to achieve –

  • Greater cost optimization on IT
  • Faster time to market for next gen applications
  • Greater responsiveness of workloads
  • Business & IT alignment based on business characteristics

Key Solutions

When two companies start out strong strategically, it makes it much easier to align with our customer’s priorities –

  • Boundaryless Data Center (BLDC) – Joint Private Cloud & Automation solution
  • The AppPulse Suite
  • Big Data – Service Analytics based on HPE’s leading BIG DATA platform Haven
  • Client Virtualization – Premiere Desktop Virtualization solution packaged with Wipro IP and managed services
  • SAP HANA – Wipro’s analytics offerings built–on HPE Converged Systems for SAP HANA
  • ServiceNXT – HPE based framework for operations management

Key Contributions

With more than 22 years of investments together, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Wipro are helping enterprise customers embark on a journey of transformation. To stay ahead, you need the right combination of products and services experience and that is what Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Wipro deliver. We work with you to implement technology in a way that helps you do business better.

Our Joint Solutions

Boundaryless Data Center (BLDC)

Based on an innovative IT transformational approach that is workload centric, software-defined, and hyper resilient, Bounday-Less Data Center (BLDC) helps enterprises to extend the capabilities of their traditional enterprise data centers into a scalable hybrid IT. The solution package is based on the integrated reference architecture jointly developed by Wipro and HPE and will consist of HPE Technology Stack and Wipro Services including Assessment Services, Implementation & Migration Services and Next Generation Managed Services through their managed services platform called ServiceNXT.


VirtuaDesk is a complete desktop virtualization solution that enables customers to more easily secure, provision, and share applications and data for a collaborative and mobile workforce. It is a platform with the ability to provision virtual desktops and enterprise applications automatically to the end users based on their business role from an enterprise App-store. Integration of these applications based on business process / workflows and delivery of these connected applications to business users in the context of a business activity, on any device, everywhere, all the time. VirtuaDesk can deliver a Dynamic Virtual Workplace for the end-users with:

  • Flexibility to access their work from almost any device, from anywhere, at any time
  • Use automated self-service to securely access the required applications and data
  • Faster automated on boarding and provisioning of desktops and applications
  • Support automation to increase responsiveness and satisfaction
  • End to end automated 24x7 user experience monitoring


Virtuadesk solution is built on HPE converged infrastructure, which can support both Citrix and VMWare platforms. The Reference Architecture for VDI includes HPE DL380 Servers, HPE SAS Storage and HPE 5800 series Switches. The standardization of the reference architecture helps to automate deployment by leveraging HPE factory assembled VirtuaDesk Appliance shipped directly to the Datacenter. It leverages software defined storage / storage virtualization technologies specifically designed for desktop virtualization workloads to deliver high performance desktops at an optimal cost.

A symbiotic, mutually beneficial partnership

In conversation with Mayur Bharath, VP – Strategic Alliances, HPE and Dave Chopra, Senior Vice President – Head Infrastructure and Data Management Services, Wipro.

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