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Pioneering open source for modern datacenters

HPE and Red Hat work together to provide market-leading, industry-standard alternatives to proprietary operating environments. In addition to Linux and x86 market leadership, Red Hat and HPE offer superior price and performance on cloud, containers, virtualization, storage, and middleware technologies.

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Key Contribution

Red Hat is the industry leader in enterprise-ready open source technologies, offering a broad portfolio of open solutions for modern data centers. Red Hat has forged a 25 year history of being the leading contributor to Linux and to OpenStack since inception. Together with HPE, enterprises can run confidently with a tested combination of hardware and software solutions supported by world class services and support.

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Aligned for better Business Outcomes

  • 17+ year partnership and combined market leadership
  • Comprehensive solution stack running on industry standard infrastructure and supported globally by HPE Technology Services
  • Lower cost, predictable subscription model over proprietary operating environments
  • Performance leadership – multiple world record performance benchmarks
  • Exceptional security meeting the highest access controls for government entities
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Our Solutions

  • OpenShift Container Platform – adopt, deploy, and accelerate containerized workloads at an enterprise scale with Red Hat OpenShift on HPE Synergy
  • Big Data: Red Hat is the underlying operating system for Cloudera, Hortonworks and other Hadoop workloads. HPE offers multiple big data solutions, both symmetric and asymmetric, that enable the real–time operational intelligence needed to rapidly respond to changing business demands.
  • Datacenter modernization / Mission Critical Unix–to–Linux – HPE and Red Hat Deliver a modern and cost effective, industry standard infrastructure alternative to legacy proprietary solutions that are purpose built for modern datacenters.
  • SAP HANA – HPE delivers certified, purpose built and delivered solutions for SAP HANA (CS500, CS900).

HPE and Red Hat Solutions

HPE and Red Hat lead the way in providing Linux solutions that help cut costs, reduce complexity, and increase performance for both physical and virtual environments. Together, customers get proven computing solutions moving them beyond the cost and complexity of proprietary systems coupled with a single-vendor experience for the total technology lifecycle. Customers can run their business with confidence knowing they have industry-leading technology and a tested hardware-software combination delivered by HPE and backed by a mature ecosystem of more than 7,000 certified ISV solutions.

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Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Customers are increasingly adopting container technology as they modernize their IT applications. Containers enable customer to develop and deploy software much faster and with higher quality. Implementing a containerized environment across existing infrastructure is a complex undertaking that can require many weeks or months, particularly for enterprises. Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform on HPE Synergy is a complete out-of-the-box container solution that deploys in hours and brings immediate value to your business. Pairing HPE Synergy with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform creates a perfect environment for large-scale deployments of containerized applications in enterprise environments where scalability, persistent storage, and easy manageability are required.

The HPE Synergy and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform solution provides:

  • Automated deployment of RedHat OpenShift Container Platform using Ansible playbooks in less than 2 hours
  • All in one datacenter consolidation platform to run container and non-containerized workloads in a single environment
  • Robust container data management features via HPE 3PAR and Nimble storage backbends
  • Ability to flex container resources up and down using Ansible and HPE OneView composer and image stream

Red Hat Enterprise Linux from HPE

A single source for your entire Linux environment, HPE offers a flexible choice of Red Hat Enterprise Linux offerings that have been thoroughly tested, certified, and supported by HPE.



Mission-Critical x86

HPE and Red Hat: Taking enterprise Linux to the next Level

HPE Integrity Superdome X with Red Hat Enterprise Linux sets new high standards for x86 availability, scalability, and performance for your critical Linux workloads. Superdome X blends x86 efficiencies with proven Hewlett Packard Enterprise mission-critical innovations for a superior uptime experience and groundbreaking performance.

Close technical collaboration during the Superdome X design phase ensured Red Hat Enterprise Linux is engineered to take advantage of its RAS features enabling mission-critical resilience, across both the server and operating system.

Key Benefits:

  • Performance optimization for multiple workloads
  • Built-in storage management including snapshots and backup for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Military-grade security for data protection
  • Application and storage clustering capabilities with Red Hat high availability add–no
  • Virtualization support with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Containers for increased isolation and image-based deployment

Big Data solutions with HPE and Red Hat

Delivering scalable Big Data solutions with HPE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Big Data solutions that enable real-time access to business insights needed to respond rapidly to changing business demands are critical. HPE’s Big Data solutions running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux deliver optimized performance, scalability, and accelerated time–to–value with built–in high–availability and data protection. Designed and engineered by HPE and Red Hat, these solutions enable our joint customers to simplify and transform their data centers to create competitive differentiation.

For example, HPE ProLiant SL4540 servers with Red Hat Gluster Storage are a purpose–built, open, and extensible taking scale–out storage for unstructured data to a new level of density and volume economics, allowing organizations to effectively store and manage petabyte-scale data growth.


HPE Big Data solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Linux enable:

  • Better, faster decisions–Real–time access to analytics and reporting
  • Reliable performance–Workload–optimized platforms with built–in high–availability and data protection.
  • Unmatched scalability–High–density compute and storage, with the ability to independently scale components up or out.
  • Faster time–to–value–Pre–defined and purpose-built platforms eliminate months of planning and design.
  • Reduced risk–Partners committed to a mission-critical x86 architecture and long–term, customer–focused roadmap.
  • Lower cost of ownership–Affordable, workload-optimized, scalable industry standard platforms and open solutions.

HPE and Red Hat Solutions for SAP HANA

HPE ConvergedSystem 500 / 900 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA

The HPE ConvergedSystem 500 / 900 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA offers a pre–integrated, workload–optimized, scale–up or scale–out platform for running in-memory transactional and analytical workloads. It includes:

  • Tightly integrated Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, storage, networking, management software, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA, and SAP HANA software
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise factory configuration, testing, and rapid onsite deployment services
  • Simplified, solution-level support, including proactive and reactive services with a single number to call

Transform your data into a competitive advantage by simplifying and consolidating your data on to HPE ConvergedSystem 500 / 900 for SAP HANA. You’ll get a single, 360-degree view of your business, with real-time data access that enables more accurate analysis, better insights, and faster, more informed decision-making.


To accelerate time to value and position your enterprise for success, you need the right partner.