Pioneering open source for modern datacenters

For nearly two decades, Red Hat and HPE have provided market-leading solutions for customers seeking alternatives to complex and costly proprietary operating environments. Along the way, we have evolved from being a leader in paid Linux and x86 servers to pioneering open source technologies for modern datacenters. Whether you’re building physical, virtual, or cloud environments, you can be confident in our tested solutions and world-class services and support.

Learn more about the benefits of the Red Hat and HPE partnership and our joint solutions.

Key Contribution

When businesses can deliver their applications and services faster with less expense, everyone wins. Since 1999, Red Hat and HPE have been helping enterprises around the globe do just that. Together, we have been helping enterprises modernize their datacenters, reduce the cost and complexity of their infrastructure, and realize the promises of digital transformation. With proven computing solutions for DevOps, cloud, virtualization, storage, and middleware technologies, we remain committed to providing our customers with the architectures that are essential to their long-term success.  

Aligned for better Business Outcomes

The Red Hat and HPE partnership lets organizations get proven, trusted computing solutions as well as:

  • Move past the cost and complexity of proprietary systems
  • Avoid expensive vendor lock-in
  • A single-vendor experience for the total technology life cycle
  • Purchase comprehensive solutions running on industry-standard infrastructure
  • Have global support from the HPE Technology Service

Our Solutions

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on HPE Synergy is a complete out-of-the-box container solution that deploys in hours and brings immediate value to your business.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux from HPE provides a single source for your entire Linux environment.
  • Mission-Critical x86 sets new high standards for x86 availability, scalability, and performance for your critical Linux workloads.
  • Big Data solutions enable real-time access to business insights needed to respond rapidly to changing business demands, with built-in high availability and data protection
  • HPE ConvergedSystem 500 / 900 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA transforms your data into a competitive advantage.

HPE and Red Hat Solutions

HPE and Red Hat lead the way in providing Linux solutions that help cut costs, reduce complexity, and increase performance for both physical and virtual environments. Together, customers get proven computing solutions moving them beyond the cost and complexity of proprietary systems coupled with a single-vendor experience for the total technology lifecycle. Customers can run their business with confidence knowing they have industry-leading technology and a tested hardware-software combination delivered by HPE and backed by a mature ecosystem of more than 7,000 certified ISV solutions.

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Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Customers are increasingly adopting container technology as they modernize their IT applications. Containers enable customer to develop and deploy software much faster and with higher quality. Implementing a containerized environment across existing infrastructure is a complex undertaking that can require many weeks or months, particularly for enterprises. Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform on HPE Synergy is a complete out-of-the-box container solution that deploys in hours and brings immediate value to your business. Pairing HPE Synergy with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform creates a perfect environment for large-scale deployments of containerized applications in enterprise environments where scalability, persistent storage, and easy manageability are required.

The HPE Synergy and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform solution provides:

  • Automated deployment of RedHat OpenShift Container Platform using Ansible playbooks in less than 2 hours
  • All in one datacenter consolidation platform to run container and non-containerized workloads in a single environment
  • Robust container data management features via HPE 3PAR and Nimble storage backbends
  • Ability to flex container resources up and down using Ansible and HPE OneView composer and image stream

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Enterprises are rapidly adopting hybrid cloud architecture to speed innovation, improve application agility and resource usage, and accelerate the delivery of applications to their end users. Making hybrid cloud a reality requires consistency across infrastructure, platforms, apps, and tools, and management software that brings your clouds together so you can run any workload from anywhere.

HPE and Red Hat have partnered to create hybrid cloud solutions that are very easy to deploy and can scale from POCs to large scale production environments. These solutions include advisory, migration, and deployment services that help accelerate an enterprise’s journey to hybrid cloud.

With HPE and Red Hat, you have the assurance of getting tested, industry-leading software and reliable hardware platforms designed to meet the stringent business needs of enterprises, CIOs, and IT departments globally.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

HPE offers the world’s most secure industry-standard servers providing firmware protection, run-time attack detection, and the ability to identify potential behavioral risks. HPE Gen10 servers offer a new compute experience with a level of security that is unmatched by any other industry server providers.

RHEL delivers a ready-to-use environment for performance and high availability. RHEL has been certified for government agencies and secures SAP applications with a suite of technologies and policies across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

With HPE and Red Hat, you get the industry’s most secure server platform with the industry’s most secure Linux.

Mission-Critical x86

HPE and Red Hat: Taking enterprise Linux to the next Level

HPE Integrity Superdome X with Red Hat Enterprise Linux sets new high standards for x86 availability, scalability, and performance for your critical Linux workloads. Superdome X blends x86 efficiencies with proven Hewlett Packard Enterprise mission-critical innovations for a superior uptime experience and groundbreaking performance.

Close technical collaboration during the Superdome X design phase ensured Red Hat Enterprise Linux is engineered to take advantage of its RAS features enabling mission-critical resilience, across both the server and operating system.

Key Benefits:

  • Performance optimization for multiple workloads
  • Built-in storage management including snapshots and backup for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Military-grade security for data protection
  • Application and storage clustering capabilities with Red Hat high availability add–no
  • Virtualization support with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Containers for increased isolation and image-based deployment

Big Data solutions with HPE and Red Hat

Delivering scalable Big Data solutions with HPE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Big Data solutions that enable real-time access to business insights needed to respond rapidly to changing business demands are critical. HPE’s Big Data solutions running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux deliver optimized performance, scalability, and accelerated time–to–value with built–in high–availability and data protection. Designed and engineered by HPE and Red Hat, these solutions enable our joint customers to simplify and transform their data centers to create competitive differentiation.

For example, HPE ProLiant SL4540 servers with Red Hat Gluster Storage are a purpose–built, open, and extensible taking scale–out storage for unstructured data to a new level of density and volume economics, allowing organizations to effectively store and manage petabyte-scale data growth.


HPE Big Data solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Linux enable:

  • Better, faster decisions–Real–time access to analytics and reporting
  • Reliable performance–Workload–optimized platforms with built–in high–availability and data protection.
  • Unmatched scalability–High–density compute and storage, with the ability to independently scale components up or out.
  • Faster time–to–value–Pre–defined and purpose-built platforms eliminate months of planning and design.
  • Reduced risk–Partners committed to a mission-critical x86 architecture and long–term, customer–focused roadmap.
  • Lower cost of ownership–Affordable, workload-optimized, scalable industry standard platforms and open solutions.


As analysts, engineers, and scientists push the computational limits of current IT resources, businesses are increasingly adopting high-performance computing (HPC) clusters to gain a competitive edge. In fact, HPC is the fastest-growing segment in the server industry today. But implementing HPC has always been a technically complex project involving tedious software integration and a high level of technical expertise. Until now.

HPE provides several supercomputing platforms offering advanced next-generation compute, network, and storage capabilities suitable for AI applications. Running Red Hat HPC Solution on these platforms provides a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that includes the essential tools necessary to simply deploy, run, and manage your HPC cluster.


Leverage an unparalleled solution portfolio to perform business processing and analytics in real time.

SAP HANA® delivers significant advantages to business processing and real-time analytics but requires that you replace existing databases and implement servers built for in-memory computing. HPE and Red Hat let you make this transition without disruption, to ensure a successful migration to a real-time enterprise while working with a partner proven to deliver all that SAP HANA offers.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP® solutions provide a performance-optimized operating system and predictive management tools that allow you to have one consistent infrastructure for both application and database workloads. Incorporate HPE Pointnext design, deployment, and migration services to help you transition smoothly to SAP HANA.


HPE Red Hat® OpenStack® for network functions virtualization (NFV) is a carrier grade OpenStack platform that enables CSPs to deploy NFV applications on open source software platforms. This platform combines the power of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) with Red Hat OpenStack technology to deliver a scalable and secure foundation to build and manage the cloud. HPE helps to validate, create, deploy, scale, and manage a secure and reliable Red Hat OpenStack cloud architecture on HPE infrastructure for providers all over the world.


To accelerate time to value and position your enterprise for success, you need the right partner.