Accenture Hybrid Cloud, Powered By HPE


Simplifying the Hybrid Cloud journey by providing a transformative as-a-service solution that  reduces risk, stand up time, and upfront costs.

Our Partnership

HPE's partnership with Accenture spans over 25 years.  Together we deliver world class services and technology to help customers architect, deploy and manage their Hybrid Cloud deployments. 


Several industrialized solutions for business critical applications are offered under the Accenture Hybrid Cloud solution framework and bring the same standardization, self-service, automation and analytics seen in Public Cloud to Private Cloud.

Business Outcomes

  • 50% Reduction in cloud start-up times
  • Up to 25% reduction in upfront costs
  •  30-50% realized cost and efficiency savings through automation, analytics, and AI
  • Ability to quickly scale as needed

Accenture Hybrid Cloud, Powered by HPE - as-a-Service Solutions for Business Critical Applications


While most clients rely on the public cloud for speed, agility, and ability to scale, many are not able to capitalize on the benefits due to their size and complex operations.  HPE has partnered with Accenture to address these challenges and enable our customers to have public cloud efficiencies in a managed private cloud setting.  Accenture Hybrid Cloud, powered by HPE delivers these outcomes as a service through HPE GreenLake’s Flex Capacity, giving customers the outcomes they want, when they want them, and paying only for what they consume.


VMware Platform-as-a- Service (PaaS)

Accenture has partnered with HPE and VMware to bring the same standardization, self-service, automation, and analytics that we see in Public Cloud to Private Cloud enabling delivery either in our clients’ data centers or our own at significantly more competitive pricing than custom Private Cloud Solutions.



Oracle Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

Accenture Hybrid Cloud (AHC) delivers Oracle Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) providing clients with rapid self-service provisioning on our automated, managed cloud platform.

  • Both dedicated bare metal and multi-tenant virtualized deployments  provide highly available, secure, and scalable Oracle database solutions
  • Application reliability, performance and security with optimized cost and productivity while enabling modern agile development
  • BYOL designed to optimize licensing costs


SAP Platform-as-a-Service

Accenture Hybrid Cloud (AHC) for SAP is a proven approach to migrating, streamlining, and running SAP applications in the Cloud.

  • Unified delivery creates single delivery ownership and accountability
  • Integrated monitoring and service management
  • End-to-end optimization and automation tools and services for planning, building, and running SAP environments on cloud
  • Standardized architecture to lower overall TCO



Other Solution Offerings


The IoT Revolution is coming and it will transform the demands business places on the IT organization. Specifically, it will challenge IT to move core applications and processing capabilities from the Data Center (and even Public Cloud) to the EDGE of business. Manufacturing sites, retail stores, branches, and vehicles will become critical IT processing sites – collecting data, aggregating data, performing real–time analytics, and packaging data for further deep learning. The HPE | Accenture Alliance is focused on delivering key solutions that will be required for IT to flourish in the new world of IoT like next generation networks, Edge optimized compute solutions, IOT security tools, and critical remote management capabilities.

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