Digital transformation is the new goal

Digital transformation is a goal that many manufacturers have been working toward as a means of optimizing operations and improving manufacturing productivity. But over the last year, this initiative has gained newfound urgency.

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Digital transformation in the manufacturing industry is now imperative

Emerging technologies

The emergence of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT), has brought an influx of data—and potential insights—to many manufacturing use cases. These insights create opportunities for manufacturers, but only if you have an IT digital foundation that will let you take advantage of recent advancements.

The pandemic

75 % of Fortune 500 CEOs believe that the global pandemic will force their organizations to accelerate their technological transformation.Fortune%2C%20%E2%80%9CFortune%20500%20CEO%20survey%3A%20How%20are%20America%E2%80%99s%20biggest%20companies%20dealing%20with%20the%20coronavirus%20pandemic%3F%E2%80%9D%20May%202020.

S/4HANA 2027 deadline to upgrade

Over 60% of SAP’s installed base of 40,000 customers still need to migrate. The good news is that you have options—and a partner to guide you through the transformation process. HPE has advisory services and technology solutions that accelerate and ease the process for you.

Agility is the new currency

Agility is the new currency in manufacturing. It is essential to success. And it's why more manufacturers want to accelerate the transformation process. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Digital transformation can help maintain business continuity and increase agility to:

  • effectively pivot to new products
  • customize products
  • address supply chain constraints
  • and meet fluctuating demand

HPE’s Business Transformation with SAP HANA

Our Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain teams process 2,500 orders daily, spend $12 billion per year across 300 suppliers, and manage 1.2 million inbound / outbound shipments annually to 160 countries.

Manufacturing use cases rely on SAP® applications

Three manufacturing specific use cases that are enhanced by your SAP platform include plant operations, supply chain management, and pricing and warranty planning.

Plant operations

Plant operations

When it comes to plant operations, any amount of downtime is unacceptable. You count on the infrastructure supporting your manufacturing execution system (MES) to perform optimally. This means breaking down the silos that exist between OT and IT. It also means creating a holistic, collaborative environment that enables better data governance and improved access to data insights.

Supply chain management

Accelerate and optimize the end-to-end procure-to-pay process

Supply chain management (SCM) systems ensure critical supplies—such as raw materials, components, and ingredients—are available and arrive at your factory on time. Trade restrictions and the global pandemic have created havoc and uncertainty around the global supply chain. And this has impacted the reliability of parts and materials, supply quantities, and delivery schedules. As a result, manufacturers want to accelerate and optimize the end-to-end procure-to-pay process while enforcing contract compliance of supply-side and supplier-side requirements.

Pricing and warranty planning

Quickly analyze all pricing variables with high-performance, iterative compute simulations.

Pricing and warranty planning require high-performance iterative compute simulations and analysis. Establishing an ideal product pricing strategy directly impacts the profitability of that product. Variables such as warranty costs, cost of goods, delays in supply chain, parts quality, and competitors’ pricing must all be considered. Of course, time is also of the essence.

See how our manufacturing customers are using HPE GreenLake

Browse the below case studies to see how customers are using HPE GreenLake to drive manufacturing efficiencies and business outcomes.

Success in acton

Kverneland group ensures ongoing support for professional farming community

HPE Proactive Care helps eliminate storage downtime for international machinery group.


High availability of business-critical systems.


Following a long history of using HPE storage solutions, Kverneland Group has implemented HPE Primera systems backed by HPE Proactive Care support.

I sleep better at night because I have peace of mind knowing that our systems are being constantly monitored, managed, and protected. We are well looked after with HPE Proactive Care Services.

Stian Teien Bryne, Manager of IT Operations, Kverneland Group


HPE Primera storage is used for Kverneland Group’s SAP® business systems and, in months to come, the company’s investment in better storage performance may support plans to implement the more sophisticated SAP HANA® solution and a move to the cloud.

Access the right foundation quickly and easily—and on your terms

HPE solutions make easy work of complex and demanding SAP use cases. HPE offers two different deployment options for SAP as a service in manufacturing:

Two deployment options for SAP as a service in manufacturing


SAP S/4HANA® Cloud, private edition, customer data center

Additional As-A-Service Benefits

Relieve deployment and management burdens
Shift OPEX and attention from IT to your company’s core business
Protect against obsolescence

Built on a solid HPE infrastructure foundation

HPE offers a rich and highly differentiated infrastructure portfolio designed to address a broad range of our customers’ mission-critical needs, reduce complexity, and risk, and provide the fastest path to value.

HPE infrastructure server and storage solutions, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel Optane™ memory, provide an ideal foundation for SAP and SUSE® software in the edge-to-cloud manufacturing IT infrastructure.

Trust HPE with your manufacturing initiatives

As you navigate the future of manufacturing, accommodate shifts in supply and demand, and pivot to address new challenges and opportunities, make sure you have an agile foundation that can support your journey moving forward.

SAP delivered as a service with HPE GreenLake in manufacturing can help ease your migration with a variety of options that align with your specific preferences. We work with you to construct a migration path that aligns with your digital transformation goals.