Hewlett Packard Enterprise & SAP Strategic Alliance

With dedicated people, a complete portfolio of SAP®–optimized services and solutions, committed co–innovation, and a proven business model, HPE and SAP deliver what you need for a successful IT transformation journey.

Why choose HPE and SAP

Leveraging an extensive portfolio of assets, we can combine the right-fit infrastructure, software, and services to create an integrated Digital Core (i.e., S/4HANA) that:

  • Simplifies and consolidates your IT landscapes and applications
  • Reinvents competitive business models to drive new revenue and profits
  • Provides real-time insights into all your business processes to reveal new opportunities
  • Delivers the agility you need to change at the speed of business
  • Optimizes your business services and user experiences


SAP runs HPE:

  • HPE and SAP share 25,000 joint customers worldwide.
  • For 30 years, we have shared a collaborative partnership.
  • 46% of SAP licenses run on HPE systems.

Aligned for better Business Outcomes

HPE is the leading SAP HANA® hardware provider with a full set of infrastructure offerings that enable SAP customers to start small and scale infinitely.

HPE is a single strategic provider of the full technology stack of SAP-focused assets and solutions. This capability combined with an extensive HPE SAP services team and partner program provides a fully integrated approach for customers. Our HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions, HPE Converged Systems, and HPE Hyper Converged offerings support application consolidations–a primary goal of the SAP digital core.

HPE helps customers achieve the outcomes–with IoT–aware systems, including real–time visibility, predictive analytics, Big Data, and more–which directly align with the SAP digital core (S/4HANA).

Joint Solutions

Together, HPE and SAP deliver joint solutions and services that are:

  • Proven–Offering decades of technology leadership and depth of industry experience
  • Open–Delivering SAP–certified solutions built on open HPE systems
  • Modular–Enabling you to start from whatever SAP environment you have, and build or modernize from there
  • Business–centric–Delivering the best solutions for meeting your unique needs
  • Innovative–Aligning our solution roadmaps, and sharing ideas and approaches in dedicated competence centers
  • Backed by comprehensive services– Offering 24x7 reactive support services and mission–critical support for SAP solutions running on HPE platforms

Digital transformation is happening

Across industries and around the world. When the time is right to begin your organization’s digital transformation journey, you can count on HPE and SAP to help. By delivering simplified, innovative solutions that target the real–world challenges created by today’s digital economy, HPE and SAP can propel your organization further, faster. Leveraging a huge portfolio of assets, we can combine the right-fit infrastructure, software, and services to create an integrated digital core that:

  • Simplifies and consolidates your IT landscapes and applications
  • Reinvents business models to drive new revenues and profits
  • Provides real-time insights into all your business processes to reveal new value
  • Delivers the agility you need to change at the speed of business
  • Optimizes your business services

With HPE and SAP, you’ll be well positioned to capitalize on today’s disruptive technologies, including mobility, Big Data, and cloud-native apps. This way, you’ll have the tools you need to turn ideas into reality faster than ever before, and remain one step ahead of your competition.

Every joint HPE and SAP solution includes hardware, software, and services components tuned for optimal performance. You receive the high degrees of flexibility, security, and usability you have grown to expect from two industry leaders.

Regardless of industry or company size–from large manufacturing companies looking for time-proven business solutions to high-tech start-ups searching for the latest innovations– HPE and SAP deliver the comprehensive solutions that help our mutual customers:

  • Empower the data-driven organization using analytics powered by S/4HANA
  • Enable workplace productivity using mobility solutions for employees, customers, and partners
  • Transform to a hybrid infrastructure through data center modernization
  • Protect the digital enterprise using SAP software and services delivered on-premises and in the cloud

HPE and SAP Solutions

Mission-critical infrastructure

Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following joint HPE and SAP solutions for transforming to a hybrid IT infrastructure:

  • HPE cloud-based Infrastructure-as–a–Service (IaaS) solution for SAP business applications, under both traditional and SAP HANA® in–memory databases.
  • HPE server solutions for modernizing the core–Enabling you to migrate from SAP Business Suite to S/4HANA, while also upgrading your existing infrastructure to a standardized x86 Linux®–based platform running on HPE ProLiant servers.
  • HPE ConvergedSystem portfolio for SAP HANA–Delivers the architecture you need to quickly deploy next-generation data management platforms. These systems are designed to scale to meet evolving business needs–from managing analytics and data warehousing workloads to running mission-critical business applications.
  • HPE Solutions for SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI)–While HPE ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA offers complete solutions and fast delivery times, HPE SAP HANA TDI offers greater configuration flexibility and choice.
  • HPE Flex-Bundle SME for SAP HANA–Real–time in–memory analytics platform designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) running SAP Business One.
  • HPE Storage Solutions for SAP–Optimizing SAP deployments in virtualized, cloud, and traditional environments with efficient, reliable, and high-performing HPE Converged Storage solutions–with a single architecture spanning mid-market to enterprise deployments.
  • HPE As–a–Service Solution for SAP HANA–Deployed on HPE Helion, this solution focuses on providing an enterprise-grade cloud solution. This solution extends the power of cloud across infrastructure, applications, and information.
  • Big Data/IoT add-on solutions for SAP deployments
  • Reference architectures

Services and support

  • Premium service and support options for SAP deployments
    • Advanced Information Services for SAP–Assessment, upgrade, and migration services that help access, store, distribute, retrieve, and archive information
    • Enterprise Application Management Services for SAP–Reducing the total cost of operations and enabling you to refocus on your primary business
    • Business Outcome Service Management–Directly linking your critical business process functions to the applications and IT components they leverage
    • HPE Mission Critical Services enhanced for SAP–Proven multivendor services for SAP ecosystem vendors, including Microsoft’, Oracle, Veritas, and VMware’
    • SAP Application Development and Integration Services (SAP NetWeaver® and SOA)– Providing the flexibility and agility to meet the dynamic needs of your company
    • SAP Implementation Services–Aligning SAP implementations to business processes, helping to increase process efficiency and lower cost
    • SAP Upgrade Services–Optimized services and methodology for accelerating SAP upgrade projects
  • SAP Application Lifecycle Management solutions for testing–A broad application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that incorporates numerous HPE components, together with complementary tools from SAP
  • Flexible financing options HPE Financial Services can help you capitalize on new opportunities by delivering flexible investment and asset management solutions. You can build inherent flexibility into your acquisition strategy, which will allow for refresh, expansion, or replacement depending on needs, not the age (or depreciation schedule) of the technology. With HPE Financial Services, you can:
    • Increase flexibility and agility
    • Create greater investment capacity
    • Remove legacy assets on the books
    • Improve your ability to grow and expand
    • Pay as you grow.
  • HPE’s SAP S/4HANA Conversion Factory Services with SAP Value Assurance option
  • Joint GTM Offerings with SAP and our SI Partners around SAP Activate

Software solutions

Protect your digital enterprise

For the digital enterprise to be innovative, it must first be safe–with security built into the fabric of the organization. People will feel empowered to take risks when they are confident that risks are being well managed overall.

While end–to–end security is must-have technology, many organizations delay deployment because they are uncertain about their go-forward strategy. They are concerned about the best way to manage risk, governance, and quality.

Today, you can put those concerns to rest by working with HPE. In fact, HPE can improve your overall risk posture and expected quality of SAP implementations in the new hybrid IT deployment models. For example:

  • SAP offers a portfolio of tools and technologies that help with most of the basic security, identity, and access control requirements. HPE complements SAP tools by providing numerous additional tools, solutions, and services. These offerings address your holistic security, governance, quality, and testing concerns.
  • HPE is SAP’s co–innovation partner and endorsed solution provider for quality, testing, and security tools.
  • Joint HPE and SAP solutions for protecting your digital enterprise include:
  • Serviceguard Extension for SAP (SGeSAP)–Protects the SAP environment from failure and threshold violations through automated processes and immediate restore of any affected application to the required availability levels.
  • SAP Fortify by HPE–Building trust across the entire software landscape, whether you operate a large global enterprise or a small business. SAP Fortify empowers security, testing, and development teams to quickly find, triage, and fix security vulnerabilities, no matter where or how the apps are deployed.
  • HPE Security and Assurance Consulting–HPE Technology Consulting offers the unique approach of viewing security through the lens of reference architectures targeted at the unique vulnerabilities of hybrid infrastructure, cloud, Big Data, and mobility. The approach integrates controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of digital assets in the context of an SAP solution.
  • SAP HANA runtime licenses via HPE as a reseller.
  • Continuous innovation platform and testing suite.
  • Hybrid service management platform for SAP deployments.

Secure hybrid cloud options

HPE Hybrid Cloud Right Mix

HPE has a complete process for how customers can understand their S4/HANA choices AND have been working with HPE Powered SAP Cloud Partners to insure a complete portfolio of offerings and partner choices without preference.

Understand Hosting Limitations - e.g. Any customer with more than just SAP cannot deploy everything through SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Maintain Business Continuity - How will customers maintain their mission-critical production and non-production environments at optimal cost during and after the migration?
Leverage 100's of HPE vetted SAP cloud hosting partners globally that have chosen HPE's market leading and award winning SAP HANA infrastructure.
Only HPE and our preferred SAP Cloud partners can deliver complete solutions for SAP S/4 HANA environments of the future including:

  • The SAP solution portfolio combined with other leading software/infrastructure offerings for a complete digital enterprise.
  • Reliable HPE powered mission-critical infrastructure.
  • Fully realized SAP hybrid cloud ROI.
  • Solutions for SAP hybrid cloud business continuity / disaster recovery/ High Availability.
  • Big Data / IOT integration.
  • Enterprise applications management for SAP AND hybrid / complex environments.



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HPE Cloud offerings

HPE Flexible Capacity

HPE Flexible Capacity provides HPE customers and partners with the ability to leverage HPE infrastructure offerings through flexible / consumption based deployment and finance options.

HPE HANA in the Cloud Financing

Customers can leverage the benefits of HPE finance's wide array of options without significant upfront investment.

HPE Powered SAP Cloud Partners Hosting and other Capabilities

Each of our partners have total capability for hosting SAP solutions AND a variety of other solutions as well as offerings that compliment and supplement SAP's solutions

Featured Case Study

Advancing at the speed of ideas: Danfoss and HPE

Danfoss, a privately owned multinational company headquartered in Nordborg, Denmark, understands the power of high-quality engineering. The industrial solutions and components in the company’s expansive portfolio—including hydraulics, motors, controllers, AC drives, compressors, sensors, switches, pumps, and meters—are designed to drive global advancements in sustainability and social good, including energy efficiency, renewables, food supply, and connectivity.


To align its global operations and speed time-to-market, Danfoss requires a world-class IT infrastructure that meets the highest standards for transparency, scalability, security, and cost-efficiency.


For its ERP initiative, the company implemented SAP S/4HANA in a Greenfield environment. Danfoss runs the platform on four HPE ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA appliances, with SAP applications running on HPE Synergy servers. This tiered configuration helps to minimize risk and accelerate time-to-value.

 “As a leader in our industry, Danfoss is committed to sustainable and green digitalization of the world.
We know this is possible with our technologies today—and that it is the only responsible segue
into the next industrial age.”


Maksim Tsvetkov, director of IT, Burger King Russia


As the full SAP HANA platform is brought online, Danfoss will achieve unprecedented organizational agility. The platform will equip Danfoss to harness artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics within its business processes to make new gains in efficiency and enable Danfoss leaders to better anticipate issues and opportunities.

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