Smarter decisions start with full visibility into your operations

Having a comprehensive, insights-driven understanding of operations is critical for your business to improve production performance, reduce costs and create new revenue streams. HPE and PTC Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions make the convergence of OT and IT possible to generate those insights at the Industrial Edge in real time. Now.


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Customer success
CuBE Packaging


In order to keep up with growing demand, food packaging manufacturer CuBE Packaging Solutions embarked on their digital transformation journey with Industrial IoT and assembled a team of HPE, PTC and IoT partners to digitize its factory. As a result, the company achieved real-time insight on machines and operations, boosting their throughput and quality.


Demand is booming for sustainable, innovative food packaging containers. To keep up with the demand, CuBE added 8 new, state- of-the-art injection molding machines, doubling its capacity. However, adding production lines is only part of the solution. To maximize ROI and bottom-line business value, CuBE must also boost productivity and throughput of its assets.
In addition to assets’ capacity, CuBE also had issues relating to interoperability and integration of OT (operations technology) and IT (Information Technology) processes – from air and cooling, to network connectivity, to the ERP system, pieces were disaggregated. CuBE needed full visibility into their operations from end to end.



CuBE assembled the right combination of technology and partners to solve the challenge: HPE, PTC and IoT partners brought intelligence to CuBE’s plant with a scalable Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance solution composed by HPE’s IT infrastructure (hardware & software), PTC’s IIoT Platform and OT connectivity software, technology from partners PCM, VMware and Microsoft, as well as integration services from Callisto.



"CuBE found partners to help us re-conceive what is feasible for factory IoT. And now we’re bringing even more sustainable packaging to the world.”

Len Chopin, President, CuBE Packaging Solutions


With its new IIoT framework in place, CuBE gained keen, granular insight into its manufacturing processes and operations in real-time. This has enabled CuBE to identify and address issues with their production assets before they cause downtime, affect quality, or impact production.

Having this end-to-end visibility also enables CuBE to maximize their plant’s capacity and add flexibility, finding processes that can be modified to drive higher efficiency and coordinate scheduled downtime.

With this IIoT solution CuBE achieved:
• 50% Reduction year over year in quality issues, keeping customers loyal, engaged, to protect CuBE’s brand.
• 45% Improvement in throughput, accelerating ROI from CuBE’s expansion investments


Edge to Cloud IIoT and AR Solutions for industrial customers

PTC and HPE combined Industrial IoT and Augmented Reality Edge to Cloud solutions accelerate time to insights for smarter operations by enabling the industrial edge: converging operational technology (OT) with information technology (IT), allowing the digitization of analog data from production assets to obtain full visibility across operations.