The circular economy is a global opportunity

By introducing circular economy principles that consider the entire product lifecycle and business models, the tech industry can decouple economic growth from the consumption of natural resources. Enterprises are hitting resource limitations as they try to scale – HPE can help you adopt sustainable IT practices and make the most of your budget while optimizing for peak efficiency.


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IT as a service is one of the top 5 most effective approaches to meeting sustainable IT


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Leverage efficient product design

We established our Design for Environment program in 1992, an engineering-based approach to product development that results in fewer material inputs, lower product power consumption, and minimized waste–reducing total cost of ownership.

Embrace as-a-service business models

Consume IT as a service to take advantage of the latest technologies without the consumption of unnecessary assets. With HPE GreenLake, you pay only for what you use and get capacity when you need it, without worrying about end-of-life disposal.

Extend asset life

One of the key tenets of the circular economy is to keep assets in use longer, reducing new raw material extraction and minimizing e-waste potential. Companies utilizing offerings such as Certified Pre-Owned Services and Asset Upcycling Services can benefit from reduced IT costs and a lower environmental footprint while putting money back in their pocket for other innovation projects.

HPE and Yahoo! JAPAN team up to keep hardware out of the landfill


Yahoo! JAPAN is constantly modernizing its technology environment and has pledged to be carbon neutral. Yahoo! JAPAN needed a technology partner that could meet its security standards as part of an environmentally responsible cycle of IT asset upgrade and refresh.

Circular Economy Solution

Yahoo! JAPAN selected HPE Asset Upcycling Services to process and ensure end-of-use hardware gets refurbished and reused wherever possible.

“Yahoo! JAPAN’s mission is to harness the power of information to establish Japan as the most convenient country in the world, and provide services in a socially responsible way for a sustainable society. We’re thrilled to be working with HPE to accelerate our efforts in reducing environmental impact. The HPE Circular Economy report will give us the reuse and recycle details for the products we send back, allowing us to track our progress on carbon emission avoidance.”

Norihiro Hattori, EVP, corporate officer, CIO, Yahoo! JAPAN


With HPE covering every step of the upcycling process, Yahoo! JAPAN’s products are refurbished and reused where possible, supporting the company’s carbon neutral pledge.  

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