Accelerate all your Microsoft apps with cloud agility

Run your Microsoft apps with an intuitive cloud experience on the HPE GreenLake for Storage edge-to-cloud platform. Enjoy the extreme performance, high availability, and intelligent automation of HPE hybrid cloud solutions for Windows infrastructure, Azure Stack HCI, SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange.

Bring the cloud to your on-prem databases

Power all your business-critical apps with an intuitive cloud management experience and all the benefits of on-premises deployment — including performance, availability, and control. Enjoy capabilities that unlock new levels of visibility and access for Microsoft DBAs.

Utilize modern hybrid cloud infrastructure

Harness the power of cloud without relinquishing the safety of on-prem. Azure Stack HCI on HPE Apollo 4200 provides a native Azure cloud connection from your on-premises infrastructure. Get the latest news and resources to help you build your solution.

Stay in control with your Windows refresh

Leverage the data security, privacy, and governance controls over your data that you need. Windows Server 2022 and HPE Storage help you realize the best of Azure cloud-connected functionality with the availability, control, and security of on-premises HPE infrastructure.

HPE solutions optimized for Microsoft

SQL Server 2022 on HPE Enterprise storage

Address your SQL Server needs with HPE — from entry-level to departmental and from general-purpose to mission-critical. HPE infrastructure solutions deliver improved performance, guaranteed availability — and now cloud-based management, workload-optimized configuration, and pay-as-you go consumption.

Azure Stack HCI on HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Plus

Leverage hybrid cloud infrastructure built for the most data-intensive Windows virtualized workloads. Used by leading manufacturers, telcos, and governmental organizations, this high-capacity, high-density solution delivers best-in-class hyperconverged infrastructure in just 2U.

Email control at cloud scale

Run your email at scale while minimizing hardware and space costs with high-density Exchange on HPE Apollo 4000 storage servers. High storage capacity and density in 2U and 4U designs enable enterprises to slash cost and maximize performance for critical Exchange Server environments.

Featured case study
Mandiri Tunas Finance logo

Powering a booming vehicle finance business

PT Mandiri Tunas Finance (MTF) met the rapidly increasing IT needs of an accelerating business by undertaking a digital transformation with HPE that resulted in greater agility, improved SLAs, and 8x better SQL Server performance.


Tenfold growth over 10 years put pressure on the company's legacy infrastructure to support fast-growing transaction volumes and enable real-time decision-making.


To meet demanding SLAs and performance targets, MTF chose HPE Superdome Flex and HPE Nimble Storage for mission-critical database and application workloads.

“The end-of-day processing time is 8 times better right now, thanks to HPE. The usual 4-hour processing time has been cut down to 30 minutes.”

William Francis, Head of IT, Strategy & Human Capital, PT Mandiri Tunas Finance


MTF now enjoys the agility of real-time, data-driven decision-making, 8x faster end-of-day processing, and loan approval response times slashed from 2 days to 4 hours.