Simplify data protection for Hybrid IT environments

Reduce cost, risk, and complexity with a cloud-ready data protection platform. HPE StoreOnce provides flash speed data center protection and low-cost archive and disaster recovery in the cloud that can scale from small remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers.

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Simplify operations

Simplify your cloud backup with a data protection solution that is built for the cloud and doesn’t need a separate gateway or virtual appliance. You’ll be able to seamlessly cloud-enable your backup and enterprise apps, natively integrate your choice of cloud, back up only unique data to the cloud for 20 times lower cloud storage costs, and store encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery. 1

Deliver on SLAs

Achieve industry-leading ingest performance. You can get 23 times faster backup and 15 times faster recovery for your enterprise apps with minimal impact on your production environment using direct backup from HPE 3PAR or HPE Nimble to HPE StoreOnce with HPE RMC. 2 Control data growth and reduce your backup costs and footprint by 95%—guaranteed—with intelligent deduplication. 3

Get it as a cloud service

HPE GreenLake gives you on-premises, flash-speed data protection in a pay-per-use model. Your business gains reliable, cost-efficient automated backup, recovery, and data retention without the risks of over-provisioning. This consumption-based solution addresses the need for agile, affordable storage by utilizing industry leading HPE StoreOnce technologies, and can scale from small remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers.

HPE StoreOnce next-generation platform

Get flash performance at cloud scale with up to 10X more capacity and 3X faster backup. 4 Simplify operations with multi-system monitoring from a single pane of glass. Increase agility with flexible software defined protection.


Protect more data, faster, for less, with storage-integrated backup, copy data management, and data mobility for HPE HPE 3PARHPE Primera, and HPE Nimble Storage with HPE RMC. Create and automate SLA policies with just a few clicks.

Enhanced HPE SimpliVity integration

Additional protection for your HPE SimpliVity deployments at distributed edge sites with automated, application-aware policies to seamlessly replicate apps and data directly to a centralized HPE StoreOnce appliance for compliance and long-term retention.

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HPE StoreOnce backup systems

Choose from a range of physical and software-defined appliances that are built for the cloud and offer pay-as-you-grow capacity to suit any requirement.

Success in action
Retraites Populaires logo

Swiss insurance company relies on efficient storage

Retraites Populaires wanted to replace its backup system with a remote access solution. Its new flash-speed, intelligent storage system delivers data compression up to a factor of 20 and a 30 percent reduction in backup time.


Retraites Populaires infrastructure needed to be adapted to provide greater security and quicker response times and to accommodate increases in backed-up data.


Retraites Populaires opted for two HPE StoreOnce 4500 systems with a storage capacity of 48TB.

“This contract gives us complete satisfaction. It will cover all our needs over a long enough time period before we need to start thinking about changing our hardware and services.”

Patrick Sitzia, head of production and IT support, Retraites Populaires


This storage solution allows Retraites Populaires to deduplicate backed-up application and server data very effectively, reducing backup costs, limiting business risks, and simplifying the backup environment.