HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

Trust proven LTO technology to archive your data longer and protect your business, for less, as its data needs grow.

One System for Storage Retention Needs

HPE is the worldwide leader1 in tape drives, media and automation. Address all your long-term retention needs with HPE StoreEver—tape media, standalone tape drives and tape libraries that accommodate more than 180 PB2 in a single system.

HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

Our Latest Innovations

StoreEver Archive Manager & Migrator

Manage tape archives as easily as dragging and dropping files by moving infrequently-accessed  data sets onto cost-effective StoreEver LTO Tape Libraries.

Why choose HPE StoreEver Tape?

HPE StoreEver Tape Storage with LTO7 technology saves you money, delivers faster performance and ensures long term data availability with higher reliability.

Barrett-Jackson Saves Time & Money

"A combination of a competitively priced HPE StoreEver MSL6480 Tape Library with LTO-6 Tape Drives, robust HPE 3PAR StoreServ flash technology with no mechanical limitations or latency issues, and technical support at multiple locations made the HPE solution especially attractive."

- Tim Heit, IT project manager, Barrett-Jackson Auction Company LLC


StoreEver Tape Storage And Barrett-Jackson Case Study

Software Makes StoreEver Powerful & Simple

HPE Command View for Tape Libraries

Simply and quickly access and manage every HPE library in your environment—from a single web-based pane of glass—wherever you are in the world. 

HPE StoreEver Archive Manager

Create and actively manage an archive of infrequently-accessed data sets migrated from primary storage to  cost-effective tape.

HPE StoreEver Tape Assure

Proactively and predictively monitor the performance, health and utilization of every tape cartridge-drive and library in your infrastructure. 

HPE StoreOpen for LTFS

Simplify how you access, manage and share data on tape with drag-and-drop file management. 

HPE StoreEver Data Verification

Enable the integrity and accessibility of business-critical data stored on tape media throughout its lifecycle. 

Flexible StoreEver Options

Adaptive, Enterprise Backup and Recovery 

Managing data is taxing. Data Protector software improves business continuity and resiliency, optimizes backup and boosts uptime in your environment. 

Comprehensive data protection in a complete solution

HPE StoreEver Tape systems integrate easily with Symantec NetBackup for data protection and archiving of mission-critical applications

Efficient Backup for Microsoft Exchange

HPE backup solutions combine tape and disk technologies and software for a unified and automated backup and recovery of information stored in Exchange. 

Modern data protection for virtualized environments

Veeam 7 enables users to copy VM backup files directly to HPE StoreEver Tape natively, all from within the Veeam solution. 

Address cost and performance via archiving 

HPE StoreEver, 3PAR StoreServ and CommVault Simpana deliver a multi-tiered tape and disk archiving solution to address your cost and performance needs. 

Extend Your Archive Platform

Enterprise Secure Key Manager

Simply and quickly access and manage every HPE library in your environment—from a single web-based pane of glass—wherever you are in the world.

StoreEver MSL Encryption Kit

The HPE StoreEver MSL Encryption Kit provides a self-contained solution for MSL libraries with no additional software, PCs or servers required.

Library Tape and Tools

Verify installation, ensure product reliability and perform diagnostics with free downloadable tools that help you resolve tape device issues faster.

Services To Support Your Storage

Design, Integrate, Migrate and Transform

HPE Backup & Recovery Impact Analysis Service provides the knowledge and guidance needed to stabilize, enhance, and improve your data protection solution.

Deploy and Implement

This support service for HPE StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Libraries provides the installation of HPE storage libraries, and subcomponents, into SAN environments.

Operate and Support

HPE Proactive Care offers an integrated set services to help you improve the stability and operation of your converged infrastructure.


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Meet enterprise-wide data growth efficiently

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Unattended backup, DR, and archiving for your business

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Data storage solutions that fit your business needs

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HP continually works with workstation, server, operating system and software vendors to ensure that our products are fully compatible, ensuring trouble-free reliable performance.

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Automate your backup and archive with a tape autoloader that provides a choice of LTO Ultrium tape drives, remote management, data encryption, and proactive drive and media health monitoring.

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Meet data protection and storage challenges head-on

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Integrated HPE server and storage solution manages increasing data volumes

  • 1.

    According to the IDC Custom Tape Tracker 2015 H2, HPE is the worldwide market share leader in total units.