HPE Helion Cloud Use Cases

HPE is the right partner with the right use case expertise to help you put cloud to work for your business.

Putting Cloud to Work for Business

HPE Helion offers leadership and expertise in key cloud computing use cases and a rich portfolio of products, services and solutions to help you transform to a hybrid infrastructure that enables business growth and opportunities. Make notable gains in efficiency, responsiveness, performance and innovation with your right mix of hybrid IT. Using hybrid cloud best practices, HPE delivers the expertise to define your right mix, the technology to power it and the control you need to optimize it.

Solutions guidance on reaching your target outcomes

Strategize Your Outcomes

Find solutions to your key IT and business challenges and get guidance on how to reach your target outcomes.

Products and services to deploy cloud use case

Design Your Solution

Identify the optimal capabilities and right mix of products and services to deploy your cloud use case.

Learn more how HPE customers have implemented cases and achieved results

Find Your Use Case

See how other HPE customers and partners have implemented use cases and achieved results.

Discover the Key Cloud Use Cases

To retain customers, expand market share and drive business growth, organizations need to respond faster to changing market conditions and employ new business models to deliver greater value. Whether you are just beginning your shift to hybrid or are ready to achieve further gains by integrating operations or enhancing your development capabilities, these strategic cloud use cases will help you achieve your business outcomes wherever you are in your transformation maturity.

Rapid Infrastructure Provisioning

Rapid Infrastructure Provisioning

Break down barriers that limit business growth. Empower IT to deliver on-demand infrastructure services to accelerate time-to-market for new apps and services.

Use case about moving applications to the the cloud

Move Traditional Applications to Cloud

Optimize your apps with cloud technology. Harness the cloud to power traditional apps for increased performance, a superior user experience and reduced costs.

Use Case on Managing Multiple Clouds

Broker and Manage Multiple Clouds

Increase control and value across hybrid cloud services. Simplify and optimize multiple cloud integration, app deployment and management to compete and grow.

Scalable storage in the cloud use case

Storage in the Cloud

Access massively scalable storage to drive business growth. Enable business with cost-efficient storage to improve collaboration, data protection and content access.

Read how to develop and deploy cloud native applications use case

Develop and Deploy Cloud-Native Applications

Modernize app development to speed business growth. Accelerate cloud-native app development and deployment to respond faster to new opportunities or threats.

Exlore the Integrate Cloud Operatons use case

Integrate Cloud Operations

Integrate cloud controls and insights to boost results. Obtain control and visibility of your cloud layers to improve security, capacity and cost management.

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