Meet the Team

Meet our global communications team, made up of seasoned industry experts from around the world.

Media Contacts

Adam Bauer

Legal affairs, real estate, government relations, public policy, corporate social responsibility, cyber security, ethics, human resources, and compliance 

Alastair McCormick

UK & Ireland, HPE Communications & Media Solutions, Hybrid IT (international), Cloud28+

Benjamin Lesueur

PR/AR – France and NEUR (Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden)

John Tran

Hybrid Cloud, Software-defined Infrastructure, Composable Infrastructure, Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Katherine Ducker

General product communications inquiries

Patrik Edlund

Industrial IoT and Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Steffi Lau

Corporate Strategy, Financials, Cybersecurity

Teljya Oka-Pregel

Asia Pacific and India, diversity and inclusion

Analyst Contacts

Brian Victor Becker

HPE Analyst Relations Manager: Corporate AR, HPC and AI, Channel / Partner, Servers, Telco, Latin America

Eric Anderson

HPE Pointnext, HPE Edgeline, HPE GreenLake, HPE Financial Services