Meet the Team

Meet our global communications team, made up of seasoned industry experts from around the world.

Media Contacts

Alastair McCormick

UK PR lead, HPE Communications & Media Solutions, Software Defined and Cloud Group (international), Cloud28+, Spain

Benjamin Lesueur

PR/AR – France and NEUR (Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden)

Bianca Gorospe

Artificial Intelligence, Hewlett Packard Labs, Corporate Communications

John Tran

Hybrid Cloud, Software-defined Infrastructure, Composable Infrastructure, Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Katherine Ducker

General product communications inquiries

Patrik Edlund

Industrial IoT, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland

Steffi Lau

Corporate Strategy, Financials, Cybersecurity

Teljya Oka-Pregel

Asia Pacific and India, diversity and inclusion

Analyst Contacts

Brian Victor Becker

HPE Analyst Relations Manager: Corporate AR, HPC and AI, Channel / Partner, Servers, Telco, Latin America

Eric Anderson

HPE Pointnext, HPE Edgeline, HPE GreenLake, HPE Financial Services