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We are at the start of a computing revolution that will change how we live and conduct business. Whether or not you’re prepared for it, digital disruption is happening to every enterprise in every industry all over the world. Track enterprise trends, discover tips for better business IT, and even get career advice with these articles for IT pros, by IT pros.
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The advanced research from Hewlett Packard Labs changes the world. We’re a powerful innovation engine for HPE, our customers and our industry, delivering breakthrough technologies and pioneering revolutionary research. Explore the research and development behind our emerging technology breakthroughs with these blogs, articles, and social media snapshots.

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Discover what you missed

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Keynote by Antonio Neri
Our hyper-connected, data-driven world is rapidly creating new ways to redefine experiences, drive smarter operations and accelerate innovations to reshape markets and transform every industry. In today’s edge-to-cloud world, data is the new currency.At Tuesday’s Keynote by Antonio Neri, hear from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise President and Chief Executive Officer and his guests, as they explore how HPE and our customers are advancing the way people live and work.
Make your cloud transformation pay for itself
Hybrid is the future, so what’s stopping you? Getting cloud right, in all its forms, is key. But, transformation isn’t trivial, and it’s costly. What if we told you there was a better way, a way where you can fund your transformation with the savings from the transformation itself? Join HPE Pointnext and a panel of your peers sharing experiences and winning strategies to accelerate your move to cloud.
Meeting the challenges of exponential growth with radical infrastructure innovation for the next decade
Exponential growth and complexity is a constant, now and into our future, but the opportunity is huge if tackled head-on. An enterprise able to harness all its data, adjust to business needs in real time, securely and efficiently, could be almost unbelievably competitive. To be that enterprise, you’ll need a partner delivering radically more powerful and more intelligent infrastructure. Join us as we explore HPE’s innovation roadmap that will re-shape the information technology landscape over the next decade and beyond.