HPE at AI House Davos

January 15 – 19 | Davos, Switzerland

About AI House Davos 2024

The AI House Davos 2024 is a multi-stakeholder forum to convene industry leaders, researchers and policy makers to discuss how AI will shape the future. It is a partnership comprising of organizations across the globe including: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Merantix, ETH AI Center, Swisscom, UTokyo Institute for AI and Beyond and G42.

Modern Slavery in the Age of AI Reception - AI House Davos 2024

Together, we work to build a robust cross-sector community of senior global leaders, connected by a shared interest to tackle modern slavery in the era of AI and elevate the issue onto the agenda of corporate boards, executive committees, and governments.

Solving for humanity with AI - AI House Davos 2024

Government, technology, and policy sector experts discuss lowering the technology barrier of entry and closing the divide to innovate for AI. They explore redefining the AI data center to address sustainability, and tools and awareness that will lead to creating safe, ethical, and trustworthy AI-driven experiences for the greater good.

AI for Science: Solving the world’s scientific challenges - AI House Davos 2024

Hewlett Packard Enterprise brings together scientists from leading research organizations, government, and technology to discuss how through the power of public-private partnerships, co-investment, and co-development of accessible and open technologies, AI will drive breakthrough scientific discoveries.

Detecting fragility and engineering robustness in AI - AI House Davos 2024

On every lab test your AI was superhuman. But how is it going to fare in the real world of smog, smears, and nation state hackers? Learn about techniques to measure the fragility of today’s AI models and how we can engineer robustness into models and sketch out tomorrow’s AI supply chain where confidence is measurable and provenance is proven.

There isn’t enough sand: The economic realities of scaling AI - AI House Davos 2024

AI models are doubling in size every six months and with each gen they are more than doubling the data, energy, capital, and operational costs to create and then use them.  We’ll talk why and when today’s AI arms race will force us into hard decisions and how cooperation, coordination and innovation could change the game again.

Reimagining your technology strategy for sustainable, responsible and innovative AI Reception

In this intimate fireside chat, leaders and experts who are driving innovative and sustainable AI solutions share their perspectives and discuss how organizations can address these new requirements to unlock transformative outcomes and strengthen their competitive advantage.

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