Mobility Solutions

Define your success with a dedicated enterprise mobility strategy that engages your employees and maximizes the loyalty of your customers.

Mobility in the Idea Economy

When people interact with the connected world, they feed incredible synergies among humans, machines, software and our environments. But it’s the quality and efficiency of those interactions that affects your organization’s ability to be transformative and achieve the business outcomes needed to thrive in the idea economy.

Why Accelerate Your Mobility Transformation

Modern Customer Experiences

Augment engagements anywhere, anytime with full consideration of context. Provide task-specific and industry-specific applications.

Inspired, More Engaged Workforces

Ensure secure collaboration and productivity across campuses and remote offices. Deliver self-service app stores and lightweight, focused workflow apps for bring-your-own and choose-your-own device mobile users.

Cost and Risk Reduction

Streamline provisioning with zero-touch, profile-based interfaces. Reduce IT tickets and time-to-resolution via contextual self-service troubleshooting. Reduce the tangible and intangible costs of “shadow IT”.


HPE Researchers Find More Vulnerabilities than Anyone(1)


Managed Devices on Various MDM Platforms


Specialists to Integrate with Corporate Systems

Our Customers Enhance Business Through Mobility, Worldwide

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Warner Brothers logo

Enterprise Mobility Solutions in Action at Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. partnered with Aruba Networks, now part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to create the office of the future. The focus was on migrating their mobility infrastructure to Gigabit Wi-Fi, boosting productivity and their creative environment. 

fundacion paraguaya logo

Foundation Paraguay Improves Lives with HPE Mobility

This social enterprise switches from manual, paper-trail processes to streamlined, intelligent mobile experiences with 6 times improvement in productivity.

Mary Kay logo

Mary Kay Builds a Successful Platform in China

World-leading cosmetics company supports its beauty consultants in China with anytime, anywhere mobile access to enterprise systems.

Utah State University logo

Utah State University Now Offers Secure, Gigabit Wi-Fi

An Aruba 802.11ac-enabled WLAN, including ClearPass and AirWave, helped Utah State University deliver seamless, secure and reliable wireless across its campus.

How We Lead in Enterprise Mobility

The Power of Relationships

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has joined thousands of customers on their journeys to embrace enterprise mobility. Our mobility leadership’s influence can be found in many of the world’s top brands, which trust us to create mobile apps that are downloaded more than 1.2 million times per month. 

Mobility Orchestration Must Be Simple, Yet Secure

When it comes to enterprise mobility, it’s always been hard to satisfy everyone. IT professionals want simpler mobility management, easier app development and improved security. Employees and customers expect personal and context-rich user experiences. Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides leading expertise from thousands of specialists worldwide to enable mobility orchestration that delivers the automation, integration, analytics, speed and security to keep everyone happy.

Realize the Promises of Mobility Now

Wired and wireless network performances have become almost indistinguishable. Gigabit Wi-Fi based on 802.11ac now meets—and sometimes surpasses—Ethernet speeds. So, you have more freedom than ever to realize the promises of mobility.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise simplifies your mobility modernization with an end-to-end portfolio of mobility software, infrastructure and unified communications. We provide products, services and integration specialists—including market-leading offerings from Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Our Enterprise Mobility Offerings

Enable Workplace Productivity

The big promises of enterprise mobility are finally within reach for any organization. Embrace mobility to create an agile workplace that keeps employees engaged.


White Paper : Melting the Wall between Mobile Devices and PCs

White Paper

This viewpoint paper describes how an enterprise ecosystem approach can enable a seamless, more secure transition between mobile devices and PCs.

White Paper : The Hyper-Connected Worker

White Paper

Gain insights into how organizations can gain a competitive advantage by ensuring their staff are directly connected to their colleagues and the market. This paper also explores the implications of mobility from worker vs. leader perspectives.

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The Flemish Government Empowers Its Civil Servants Through Mobility
Video - 0:42

Empowering civil servants to be able to deliver services at any time, from any place was a big challenge for the Flemish Government, culturally as well as technologically. HPE helped them solve it.

White Paper : Wearables and Augmented Man

White Paper

This paper explores how wearable technology is part of humanity’s evolution and how enterprises can capitalize on this growing trend.

White Paper : Mobility—New Ways to Interact

White Paper

Mobility is not about mobile devices. It’s not even really about technology. Mobility is about a new interaction model—a change in the way millennials interact with each other.

Solution Brief : Seamless Digital Experiences in a Context-Aware World

Solution Brief

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we understand that when situational awareness meets a world of digital devices and sensors, extraordinary experiences begin to take shape.

Analyst Report : Forrester: Field Service Mobility Solutions Improve Customer Experience

Analyst Report

Improving customer experience, growing revenues and reducing costs are top priorities for 2015. Mobility is central to reaching those goals.

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Video - 5:37

HPE MyRoom (for Remote Visual Guidance) lets you see through remote eyes and guide remote hands. Solve customer issues faster and reduce costs.

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