Open Source Projects

Key open source projects that HPE contributes and supports

Open Source Projects and HPE

HPE contributes to hundreds of Open Source projects with collaboration and resources such as code, expertise, best practices, community and more. Learn about the new HPE GreenLake and open source leader Red Hat partnership.


HPE Ezmeral: Built upon deep open source expertise

Fuel Your Edge-to-Cloud Data-Driven Transformation with the HPE Ezmeral Software Platform. See how HPE Ezmeral's scalable cloud experience is enabling organizations in banking, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, media, and education to modernize and innovate in an agile, cost-effective manner.

HPE Developer Community: Join the conversation

Start learning and contributing to the HPE Developer Community today. Get more information or contribute to HPE product based open source projects or blogs, community forums, articles, and all the latest contributions.