Partner Connect

Partner Connect enabled to boost collaboration and improve the overall visitor experience



Partner Connect is a new best-in-class digital platform that launched in December 2021. It empowers customer-to-partner and partner-to-partner connections that help quickly find the right partner(s) and solutions to meet business needs.  Partner Connect provides locator capabilities to help connect over 100,000+ HPE partners. The dynamic search tool allows visitors to quickly identify the right partner for their business needs and filter results by expertise, partner type, location, and key word. Future enhancements will add a “solution” filter.

HPE has most recently added new enhancements continually to boost collaboration and improve the overall visitor experience. Basic self-profiling gives partners the ability to update their own information and categorization. From June 2022, partners will see the roll out of enhanced self-profiling allowing them to showcase their HPE products and services with greater control of how they highlight and promote their solutions. Future enhancements for Partner Connect will deliver a dynamic community capability in which HPE partners can harness the value of working together, showcasing their skills and offerings, as it delivers openness across the entire global partner ecosystem.

Additional details on the latest Partner Connect platform is here.

Customers and partners can access Partner Connect here


Q: What’s new on Partner Connect?

A: Since we released Partner Connect in December 2021, we’ve been adding new enhancements to boost collaboration and improve the overall visitor experience. Basic self-profiling, which allows partners to update their own information within the tool, is the latest enhancement. Partner Portal Administrators (PPAs) have also been granted access to share and manage this feature as needed.

Partner Connect is not your average partner locator, it is a dynamic community and platform in which HPE harnesses the value of working together, showcases partners and their offerings, and delivers openness and transparency across its partner ecosystem for the first time. HPE acknowledges, celebrates and benefits from the value of our partners when they are working together (evidenced through the success of Cloud28+ to date), and is now able to maximise the potential of this by including all of HPE Partners in Partner Connect; VARs, Resellers, Service Providers, ISVs, System Integrators, OEMs, etc etc.

Q: When will Partner Connect be available to partners?

: Partner Connect is already up and running with many partners already self profiling and categorised to be easily found by customers and other partners based on their location, partner type and soon by their capabilities, skillset and solutions.

Q: What is the difference between Partner Connect and Cloud28+?

: Partner Connect is built on the foundations of Cloud28+, a digital business platform that grew over a decade to become the largest cloud services community and software developer network through an open, federated community of independent cloud service providers that leverage HPE technology to ease cloud adoption.

The diverse community within Cloud28+ created increased customer choice and new business alliances and opportunities for HPE Partner Ready Service Providers. Partner Connect uses the Cloud28+ framework to offer all HPE Partners a platform to increase their visibility, connect with other partners, find and be found by customers, and showcase skills, solutions and thought leadership. Most of the functionality Cloud28+ has offered the successful ecosystem of members will be replicated in Partner Connect.

Q: What will happen to Cloud28+?

: Cloud28+ is evolving. By migrating Cloud28+ users to Partner Connect, the pre existing community and ecosystem can continue thriving on a bigger scale than ever before.

The Cloud28+ foundation and historical success allows Partner Connect to bring all partner categories, intellectual properties and capabilities to a larger scale and a framework to offer all HPE partners a platform to increase their visibility and showcase skills, solutions and thought leadership. Learn more about the history of Cloud28+ here.