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Expert advice on containerization in enterprise IT

Containerization of business computing workloads will be a driving factor in digital transformation in 2020. To maximize benefits, it is important to understand the organizational and technical challenges. Here's what you need to know.

Containerization is the next step forward in building a highly adaptable digital strategy—much in the way virtual machines transformed enterprise IT. The ability to deploy containers as the home for applications and services wherever and whenever needed has the potential to fundamentally change how IT services are viewed.

What the research tells us

To truly understand the impact containers are having on today's IT infrastructures, 688 enterprise IT decision-makers were polled on container adoption. Seventy-five percent of respondents said they have deployed containers, with a further 13 percent planning deployment in the next 12 months. Further, experts expect that nearly 90 percent of enterprises will have deployed containers in some form by the end of 2020.

Building a container strategy

Understanding how containers work, which workloads are suitable, and how to manage and deploy containers across a hybrid cloud estate is critical. This report will get you started.

Inside the report, you'll find these articles:

  • State of containers: What the research tells us
  • Containers and cloud-native: What they are and why they're hot
  • Why containers will drive transformations in the 2020s
  • Building the future of travel—powered by cloud, containers, and microservices
  • DevSecOps and containers: How a cloud-native model places new demands on organizational security
  • Why cloud-native open source Kubernetes matters
  • Containers as an enabler of AI
  • Storage systems and containers optimize for each other
  • Flood of transient containers challenges network visibility and security
  • The telecom network is modernizing with containers, cloud-native
  • The last mile of your container strategy
  • Building a container strategy—13 potholes to avoid

Containerization is here, and it's driving value for organizations across industries, throughout the world. Companies that do the best job of embracing best practices and avoiding potholes along the way will gain a significant advantage over those that lag behind.

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