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Secure your enterprise from edge to cloud

Best of Enterprise.nxt: Security in the modern enterprise is always a priority from the edge to the cloud.

With the rate of cyberattacks at an all-time high, protecting your enterprise requires constant vigilance.

The guiding philosophy in security design these days is zero trust, the idea that every user and every program should have to prove its identity and authorization whenever it accesses a resource. It's not a product you can buy; it's a holistic strategy, and it requires time, commitment, and expertise to implement properly.

Below you will find many of our best stories on enterprise security, including several on zero trust, that can help you find winning strategies for your own networks.

Can zero trust instill confidence in IoT device security?

IoT devices are harder to secure than regular computers, and too many are unprotected. Network layer protection through proxies and aggressive segmentation are important for such devices.

All organizations can learn lessons from the new federal zero trust strategy

U.S. cybersecurity officials have set their sights high for protecting government networks. You could do worse than to follow their lead.

Trust never sleeps: Why hardware roots of trust are essential for security

The most sophisticated attacks can compromise even the firmware in systems. New strategies are required to thwart them.

Just how cyber-risky are modern medical devices?

Healthcare networks rely on a wide variety of devices from numerous vendors. Many have alarming security problems.

Here's what it will take to (nearly) eliminate passwords

Completely eliminating passwords is possible in theory, but most enterprises will do well enough to get close.

When should old data be deleted?

If you don't have a good reason to store data, you have good reason to delete it. Considerations around purging old data include regulatory requirements, risk, cost, and business benefits.

How to test your backup and restore plan—the right way

Few companies test their restore plans often or effectively enough—if at all. Tools are ideal, but rigor and regularity are key.

What makes 'critical software' critical?

President Biden has ordered the U.S. government to secure critical software. A zero trust strategy is necessary to meet that goal.

Why virtual desktops are (mostly) more secure than personal computers

In the age of remote work, more organizations are turning to virtual desktop infrastructure for improved security and manageability.

Cyber resilience, unknown unknowns, and the transformation of enterprise security

The pandemic and an epidemic of ransomware attacks have exposed the need for a new approach to enterprise security and protecting the supply fabric.

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