We are excited to be part of the cloud native and open source communities at KubeCon North America 2020.

SPIFFE + SPIRE: Production Identity Day

November 17

HPE is a proud supporting sponsor of the first Production Identity Day at KubeCon. The SPIFFE community will share learnings around the latest developments in the space, host demos, and discuss real-world use cases in identity, authentication, and zero trust security.

Keynote Session: Scaling Machine Learning Without Compromising Privacy

November 19: 1:18-1:23 pm EST

Our exclusive session with Nanda Vijaydev, Lead Data Scientist and a Distinguished Technologist at HPE, will cover how you can leverage open source projects such as SPIRE, OPA, and Envoy to provide a fine-grained policy overlay for your ML pipeline.

Informative Sessions and a Featured Demo

Enjoy valuable sessions on Zero Trust and a tutorial on CSI capabilities plus an informative demo on building ML pipelines using KubeDirector.

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No More Moats: Protecting Your Cloud Native Infrastructure with Zero Trust

Tuesday, November 17, 1:00-1:30 pm EST

In this talk led by HPE's Dan Feldman, we’ll show you how you can secure your cloud native infrastructure with Zero Trust by building a solid foundation with SPIFFE and SPIRE, and then adding OPA, Envoy, and other open source security tools to protect against specific attacks. We’ll show sample architectures from Fortune 500 organizations and examine how they got there.

Tutorial Session: Introduction to Using the CSI Primitives

Friday, November 20, 5:05-6:30 pm EST

Michael Mattsson from HPE will discuss the current status of Container Storage Interface (CSI) capabilities and demo a few use cases of each feature. Learn about inline ephemeral volumes, volume expansion, raw block volumes and volume snapshot classes that will allow cloning and restoring of volumes — all with practical examples that can be broadly applied to many of the backend CSI drivers available.

Building Dynamic Machine Learning Pipelines with KubeDirector

Available in the Expo Hall Lobby

Enjoy a ML pipeline demo focused on supporting an application that must predict travel times based upon a large data set of taxi ride data. Our experts will walk you through the development of the full ML pipeline using Kubernetes and another Open Source application called KubeDirector. Learn how to train, register, and finally, query your model for answers.

HPE DEV Community Hack Shack

Collaborate and Expand your Skills for a Unique, Hands-on Learning Experience

HPE DEV Community Hack Shack is a virtual experience designed to help developers, designers, and data scientists connect with the HPE DEV team and collaborate with them to build innovative solutions. Complete workshops-on-demand, coding challenges, and play the HACK SHACK Attack Game to get a chance to win prizes!

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