Visualize the Vote

Visualize the Vote is a decision-making technique where team members cast their votes on various ideas by placing a mark or a sticker on their preferred choices. This approach transforms the voting process into a visually transparent activity, with results that are immediately clear and easily interpretable. It's a simple yet effective method to gauge collective preferences, facilitating democratic decision-making and promoting collaborative consensus-building within the team.

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How to use
  • Present all ideas to be voted on, each represented by a sticky note on a large board or wall
  • Give each participant a set of stickers or markers
  • Have each participant place their stickers or make a mark on the sticky notes representing their preferred ideas
  • The idea with the most stickers or marks is the most favored
  • Optional: Give participants dot stickers (i.e.: 3 yellow, and 1 red) & use the red dot to vote on their top choice 
  • Encourages democratic decision-making
  • Makes voting results visually clear and understandable
  • Helps reach consensus in a group
  • Consider giving participants a limited number of votes and time to force prioritization. 
  • Use different colored stickers or marks to represent different participants or stakeholder groups
  • Discuss with the group about the choices and heatmaps selected and what they may mean to your project 
  • This method is often used after an ideation session, such as Brainstorming or Round Robin

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