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HPE Game Changers - Live from Tel-Aviv


Inspiring conversations with industry leaders on how businesses can succeed and recover in an uncertain world. Joining Dr. Eyal Doron in discussions are:

  • Sharon Mark - Deputy Mayor of the city of Ashdod
  • Idan Alterman - Actor and creator
  • Talya Gazit – CEO at G-TOS
  • Ori Bergman – Managing Director, HPE Israel


Tips and Tricks Sessions

These short sessions are aimed to provide you with the ability to make the most of your technology. Watch each 1 hour session including demonstrations.

All sessions are in Hebrew

Data: From Edge to Cloud

Reach beyond the traditional data center and the public cloud to form and manage a hybrid connected system stretching from the edge to the cloud, wherever the cloud may be.

These sessions are in Hebrew

Mission Critical Services

Mission Critical Services in a changing reality. How to be prepared for the new reality.

These sessions are in Hebrew

Virtual Technology Event

All sessions are in Hebrew.

Virtual Digital Infrastructure

HPE have the experience, ability and tools to help organizations improve and develop their VDI infrastructure. In this series, you'll get a closer look at the VDI world from the eyes of our experts.

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