Unlock Efficiencies and Unleash Innovation with IoT

The rapid expansion of devices presents a unique opportunity to gain faster insights by connecting the unconnected. The Internet of Things (IoT) presents new ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers, and develop new business with greater insights at the Intelligent Edge.

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How the Internet of Things Became Humanity’s Nervous System

Tens of thousands of organizations are saving and making hundreds of millions of dollars from the Internet of Things. Read this revealing white paper written by Kevin Ashton, technology pioneer and the creator of the term IoT, to find out how and why.

Predictive Maintenance – A Paradigm Shift

You may hear “Run it until it drops” or “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Some companies have minimized maintenance programs to avoid short-term cost and limit expense only to suffer catastrophic downtime. IoT-driven insights from equipment sensors can provide warning signs to maintain more efficiently and predictably.

Learn How to Harness IoT Insights for Real-Time Decision Making

An IoT Sleeping Giant

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an unheralded player in the IoT market, quietly delivering substantial solutions to major IoT customers. See why industry analysts are talking about HPE as a sleeping giant in the IoT space.

Customers Realize the IoT Advantage

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Learn How Kaeser Reduced Downtime by 60% with IoT

Texmark Builds a Refinery of the Future

Texmark Chemicals, a Texas toll manufacturer, turned to HPE and Aruba to deploy Industrial Internet of Things capabilities for improved process analytics, up-time, customer satisfaction, and worker safety.

ABB Drives Better Outcomes Using IoT

ABB, one of the largest industrial automation solution providers, harnesses the power of IoT to drive efficiency for better outcomes with less resource investment.

HIROTEC Cuts Time to Manually Inspect by 100%

HIROTEC’s new infrastructure eliminates data processing latency and provides analysis in real time to help it efficiently manage its factory machinery.

Rio Upgrades Its Airport Technology

RIOgaleão airport upgraded its infrastructure to accommodate a doubling of its visitors during the Olympics.

Creating Connected, Digitized Race Cars

An automobile race team gets valuable location, traffic, and conditions data, helping it set a world record by driving 19,000 kilometers from South Africa to Norway in nine days.

Kaeser Cuts Downtime by 60%

Kaeser Kompressoren delivers real-time analytics that predict and prevent outages before they occur, gaining a competitive advantage by enhancing customer care and satisfaction.

Japanese University Reduces Congestion

Kyushu University analyzes traffic patterns in Fukuoka, Japan to optimize signaling and routing, and improve the quality of life.

Elements of an IoT Solution

IoT connectivity represents great potential. It can automate decisions and be a catalyst for new products and services, but only when insights come from data collected through secure connections and trusted devices.

IoT can enable new business models and revenue streams by monetizing device data through a scalable, modular, ubiquitous IoT platform that offers device and service management on premise or through the cloud.

Data flows from things to collection, analysis and storage. Insights derived from data analytics can be required in real time for immediate response or can be aggregated for later use.

For real-time insights, data processing should occur at its source. Computing at the edge reduces delay and avoids bandwidth consumption while transmitting data to the cloud or data center.

Get the right amount of compute at the right place—whether at the edge for immediate insight, in the cloud or data center—to efficiently power your IoT deployment.

The vast volumes of device data in the IoT must be protected from theft, modification, and exploitation from the instant it is created. Security has to continue while data is in transit through the network, at rest in data stores, and when in use by applications. Leverage effective countermeasures—proactively, end to end.

IoT technology produces data in volumes and levels of diversity that challenge traditional approaches to storage and processing. As a result, data scientists and developers are collaborating on new ways of extracting business insights hidden in huge troves of device data. You then benefit by seeing your IoT insights turn into business efficiencies, new customers and new revenue streams.

IoT solutions need to tap into multiple technologies. IoT requires an ecosystem of companies enabled by education, tools, and support. Our vast network of partners is at your disposal to help you address constantly-evolving requirements and stakeholders. The HPE Edgeline Innovation Network accelerates the development of third-party Edgeline offerings.

No matter where you are in your IoT journey, you can benefit from an experienced services partner to help navigate the landscape of sensors, gateways, connectivity, compute, analytics and business processes. We can help assess your current environment and financial model, design your architecture and implement your IoT based on business needs and industry parameters.

IoT at Work

See how IoT enables new business models and generates industry innovation.

IoT Energy Industry Wind Turbines

Control the Energy Grid End-to-End

Leverage advanced smart metering solutions to serve the fast-growing energy utility marketplace. Maximize efficiencies to meet your most demanding data acquisition and management challenges today and into the future.

IoT Smart City Lighting

Save Money and Power with Lighting Efficiency

Cities can optimize energy consumption by remotely managing individual lights. Monitoring enables preventative and reactive maintenance, reducing outages and lowering operating costs.

IoT Automotive Industry Smarter Cars

The IoT Creates Connected Cars

The car of the future will have advanced diagnostics, connected media, pay-as-you-go insurance, real-time service, and more. Cars are becoming self-aware, through IoT innovation.

IoT Municipal Government Services

Smarter Cities Through the IoT

Cities can now manage assets, enhance sustainable economic development, reduce costs and resource consumption, and increase quality of service to citizens by leveraging IoT.

Visit the Refinery of the Future

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to tour the Texmark facility in Galena Park, Texas and see advanced IIoT capabilities in action.


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The Internet of Things: Turning Ordinary Things into Extraordinary Business Outcomes

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Harness the power of IoT

Organizations are in the process of understanding the immediate requirements and best approaches for IoT. Here is some guidance.

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