Data intelligence

Transform data into intelligence

Data drives your enterprise in ways you never imagined. How will you harness your data in today’s edge, cloud, and AI landscape? A data-driven approach helps set the pathway and strategy to transform your organization. As you advance, you additionally need to simplify data management complexities, unlock the value of your data, and stay protected. This is where HPE can help you open-up opportunities as you turn data into intelligence.

Bell Food Group has a treasure trove of data in their factories and needed a platform to process all this data. Learn how one platform enables the company to manage their entire infrastructure and move beyond basic operation to become more flexible and scalable.

Speed along your journey to achieving a modern, data-driven organization. Ensure data management is simplified and that your data is protected. Derive value from your data, including your most data-intensive applications. And use data and analytics to innovate everywhere, with seamless access to data across hybrid cloud.

Turn data into intelligence

Data-driven transformation

Putting data at the forefront of business strategy has become essential for organizations that want to stay ahead, and a data-driven foundation is instrumental in success in today’s edge, cloud, and AI landscape. A data-driven approach takes data to fundamentally change the way an organization operates.

From early planning to strategic development and deployment, our experts can help you design and adopt a framework customized to your IT environment. A unified data hub and edge-to-cloud operating model will help you build agility and flexibility across your entire IT estate. And address multi-generational infrastructure as you balance investment against the needs of innovation and the drive for more IT sustainability.

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Create a unified hub for enterprise-wide data access

Design and deploy an environment where data can be securely treated and accessed for analysis and integration.

Evolve your data platforms to a cloud operating model

Break down data-driven transformation into simple operating model domains to accelerate your path to a modern data-driven organization.

Align budget to business priorities

Secure critical technology while aligning budget to innovation deployment.

Recover value from end of use tech securely and sustainably

Recover value from any HPE or third-party workplace or data center technology in a secure, globally consistent and environmentally responsible way.

How to simplify data management

Simplifying data management complexity is key in today’s edge-to-cloud, hybrid landscape. It’s here, silos and manual processes are eliminated, so you can focus more on innovation. Applications run without compromise, including your most data-intensive apps. You’re able to harness and scale data that is growing at an unprecedented rate. And enable your data users to gain access to data that’s currently isolated across edge, multiple clouds, and on-premises environments and use data to transform.

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Access your data seamlessly across edge to cloud

Increase data accuracy and control across edge to cloud with a unified data layer.

Power your data from edge to cloud

Stop managing infrastructure and start simply accessing and utilizing it, as a service and on demand.

Run any app without compromise

Simplify data management and maximize infrastructure efficiency via AI-managed, self-service block storage. 

Accelerate your most demanding, data-intensive apps

Leverage enterprise-grade, scale-out file storage to empower your data science teams and speed time to insight.

How to unlock value from your data

How do you harness the power of data from edge to cloud, to unlock its value? Data is spread across multiple clouds, edge, and core environments. Empower your data users by solving the complexity of accessing, managing, and governing data across hybrid environments. Focus more on unlocking your data’s value and less on mundane tasks with the right modern data foundation, which includes compute that’s secure, efficient, optimized, sustainable, and engineered for hybrid environments. Convert massive amounts of data into insights. Developing new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and other data models is critical to gaining deeper and more accurate insights, with supercomputing bringing breakthrough capacity, speed, and superior performance to accelerate innovation as you support demanding compute-intensive workloads.

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Accelerate the performance of your most data-intensive applications

Improve application performance for your workloads with an Intel-powered platform.

Save resources and run applications more efficiently

Improve application performance for your workloads with an AMD-powered platform.

Accelerate compute-intensive workloads

Unlock more value from your data by accelerating your compute-intensive workloads flexibly and efficiently.

Deliver rapid innovation and cost-efficiency

Increase productivity of developers, analytics and AI teams with self-service access to any data type.

How to modernize data protection

Modern data protection offers many undeniable benefits to organizations of any size, particularly as the overwhelming deluge of data grows and data silos make it difficult to effectively protect it in the cloud, core, and increasingly at the edge. You can break down silos from the past. Stem the tide of worsening data risk exposure. Secure data against ransomware by simplifying and automating backup, replication, and recovery operations, thereby enabling rapid data recovery. Plus, additional benefits, including long-term data retention, data mobility, immutable backups, and regular testing of data resilience, can be gained.

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Simplify data protection across hybrid cloud

Leverage a simple, efficient, and secure way to protect on-prem and cloud-native workloads. Start protecting workloads across your hybrid cloud in minutes.

Reduce your risk of data loss and downtime

Discover a fast, simple way to reduce data loss or downtime via a global, multi-site management platform.  

Learn more about the HPE GreenLake cloud experience

All HPE GreenLake cloud services are accessed through a unified control plane that delivers a consistent, open and extensible cloud operating experience for all your services and users, wherever the workloads and data are located.

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Protect data from ransomware attacks on premises and in the cloud with an efficient, cost-optimized storage, delivered as a service.


Secure your unified compute operations with zero-trust enabled architectures. Achieve continuous, automatic protection of your infrastructure, OS, platforms and workloads.


Preserve data integrity and privacy with built-in security and trusted blockchain technology for distributed machine learning.


Protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills. Boost your cloud security with regular threat assessments and cybersecurity trainings.