HPE Helion Stackato

Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on Cloud Foundry™ technology spanning public and private clouds.

PaaS for Agile, On-demand Business

Embrace the benefits of cloud computing and supercharge your app development efforts by transforming your datacenter.  HPE Helion Stackato will help your developers deploy containers quickly and easily, and provision and manage all the services they need in a fraction of the time it takes to manage virtual machines.

Develop Enterprise Cloud Apps

Develop Cloud Apps for the Enterprise

Improve flexibility, agility and efficiency without sacrificing enterprise-class security or privacy. Reduce operational costs and TTM with cloud-native apps that are self-deploying, self-healing and scalable.

Deploy on Hybrid Clouds

Deploy Apps on Hybrid Clouds

Deploy apps on a mix of infrastructure that can include AWS, vSphere and Helion OpenStack. Install, configure and manage services on Cloud Foundry-based PaaS solutions with ease.

Deliver Scalable Highly Available Apps

Deliver Scalable, Highly Available Apps

Rapidly scale cloud apps across your hybrid environment and run containerized apps in production with the resilience and availability of Cloud Foundry technology built into your application platform.

Cloud Development Success in Action

QiO Technologies Multi-Cloud Success Story
QiO logo

QiO Unlocks Industrial Speed and Scalability

Heavy industry services provider QiO Technologies improved customer agility, cut IT provisioning time for big data apps and can easily scale for future business growth. How? It implemented an open source platform-as-a-service that helped it to optimize its applications for all clouds.

What HPE Helion Stackato PaaS Solution Delivers

Here are a few things proven to help enterprise customers rapidly build applications optimized for cloud.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Have full visibility into and centralized control of running services and apps in development, staging and production across AWS, vSphere and Helion OpenStack.

Easy Administration

Single point of management for services via the Service Manager, allows IT Operators to manage the lifecycle of services such as Cloud Foundry.

Services Resiliency

All HPE Helion Stackato services, such as Cloud Foundry, are self-healing, elastic, and easily deployable.

Cloud App Development Flexibility

HPE Helion Stackato supports any modern programming stack, including .NET, Java, Node.js, Ruby, Python and many more.

Environment Portability

Run your apps in different deployment environments on multiple infrastructures thanks to open source Cloud Foundry technology.

World Class Support

Get uninterrupted PaaS with HPE at your back. 24/7 support is included in the competitive pricing for HPE Helion Stackato.

Handling your Cloud Development Workflow

HPE's platform-as-a-service solution provisions and manages the full stack on your behalf using popular languages and frameworks. Build your app in a variety of languages and familiar tools, and let the platform manage the infrastructure for you.

Coding and Configuration

Deploy your application to multiple environments without changing any of the source files by leveraging clean separation of configuration and application logic.


Eliminate manual steps with automatic language detection and modern package management systems for provisioning. An application manifest declares dependencies to help automate environment creation.


Deploy your application package using a stand-alone command-line-interface (CLI) tool or through components in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


Specify parameters for auto-scale in a web interface. You can dynamically create new instances of your apps when memory consumption increases and scale back when consumption drops.


View application logs, such as debug statements, alongside the logs from the underlying infrastructure through a web interface or optionally route logs to an external monitoring service.

HPE Supports Open Source Community

Trust a Leader in the Open Source Community

HPE has long supported the open source community by contributing code, sponsoring foundations and projects, providing active leadership and participating in various committees. We are committed to the growth, maturity and success of open source.

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Start transforming your development environment with HPE Helion Stackato today. Talk to an expert to request a download or begin planning your path—tell us how we can help.


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