Memory-Driven Computing

HPE's vision for computing in the new big data era that will enable critical leaps in performance
HPE to the Industry: Come Collaborate with us on Memory-Driven Computing

HPE to the Industry: Come Collaborate with us on Memory-Driven Computing

Company Introduces The Machine User Group
HPE Unveils Computer Built for the Era of Big Data

HPE Unveils Computer Built for the Era of Big Data

Prototype from The Machine research project upends 60 years of innovation and demonstrates the potential for Memory-Driven Computing
What Memory-Driven Computing Means for Your Industry

What Memory-Driven Computing Means for Your Industry

From healthcare and transportation to city services and retail, Memory-Driven Computing will unleash new opportunities for problem solving and innovation

McMaster University cracks genome sequencing to fight COVID-19 and other infectious diseases with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Research Lab at leading Canadian university uses HPE technologies to collect and analyze vast amounts of genome data and accelerate the identification of how pathogens mutate and spread

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited selects HPE GreenLake to modernize its mission-critical infrastructure for SAP/4 HANA and drive future growth

India’s largest oil and natural gas company expands its usage of the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to improve business processes

HPE advances the global food system with CGIAR

HPE's Memory-Driven Computing Sandbox helps CGIAR uncover insights by enabling the modeling of food systems

Gen-Z reaches critical milestone in enabling open ecosystem in computing

High-performance, universal communication protocol gains momentum in driving the IT industry’s innovation engine

An IT analyst's review of The Machine

Paul Teich, principle analyst at Tirias Research, shares his view of the future of The Machine and artificial intelligence, and what you can expect from the deployment of these technologies.

Memory-Driven Computing Explained

Understanding HPE’s vision for a new kind of computer designed for the big data era 

Latest News from The Machine Project

Learn more about Memory-Driven Computing work at Hewlett Packard Labs, the R&D arm of HPE

Great Big Story: Closer to a Cure

Combating Alzheimer's With New Compute Technology

HPE CEO Meg Whitman on the Value of a Moonshot

Why HPE is making a big bet on The Machine research project and Memory-Driven Computing

Rebuilding the Computer for the Big Data Era

HPE’s new Memory-Driven Computing prototype is a 21st century solution to a 21st century problem

From JFK’s Moonshot to the Mission to Mars: A Historical Perspective

Nearly 50 years ago, mankind reached the Moon—remembering what it took could help us make it to Mars

What We Need to Get to Mars: Traveling to the Red Planet Will Require a Major Computer Upgrade

Traveling to the Red Planet will require a major computer upgrade and HPE is on the path to make that happen