HPE Ezmeral advances digital transformation initiatives by shifting time and resources from IT operations to innovations.
Modernize your apps. Simplify your Ops. And harness data to go from insights to impact.

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Spotlight on HPE Ezmeral ML Ops: Just the facts

How do we fast forward to the future of data science? Meet HPE Ezmeral ML Ops, which accelerates model deployment from years to months and is available as a service. It’s time to unlock the potential of your data and realize the possibilities of machine learning.

Modernize Your Apps

Accelerate time-to-value by deploying Kubernetes at scale with integrated persistent data storage for app modernization on bare metal or VMs—in your data center, on any cloud or at the edge.

Unlock Insights from Your Data

Harness data and get insights faster by operationalizing the end-to-end process to build data pipelines. Bring DevOps agility to the machine learning lifecycle, and deliver a unified data fabric.

Automate Your Ops

Boost efficiency and agility in IT Ops with automation and advanced artificial intelligence. And provide security and control to eliminate risk and reduce costs.


HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform provides an enterprise-grade platform to deploy Kubernetes at scale for a wide range of use cases on bare metal or VMs.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric delivers enterprise-wide global access to data from edge to cloud – with best-in-class reliability, security, and performance.

HPE Ezmeral ML Ops

HPE Ezmeral ML Ops increases speed and agility for machine learning ops by operationalizing end-to-end processes from pilot to production.

HPE Ezmeral IT Ops & Automation

HPE OneView and HPE InfoSight introduce automation and AI into IT Ops—improving productivity and mitigating risk of service disruption.

HPE Managed Cloud Controls

HPE Managed Cloud Controls ensures cost control and compliance across clouds to achieve the full promise of your cloud investments.

Security Software

HPE is a contributor to CNCF’s open source SPIFFE and SPIRE projects, that allow you to deploy consistent, fine-grained service authentication across heterogeneous environments.

App Developers and DevOps
Data Analytics and DataOps
Data Science and MLOps
ITOps and Admins
Business Leaders
Security and SecOps
App Developers and DevOps
App Developers and DevOps

Deploy containers at scale with Kubernetes. HPE Ezmeral Container Platform provides an enterprise-grade solution to accelerate your app modernization efforts and run data-driven apps with persistent container storage—in your data centers, on any cloud, or at the edge.

Learn about HPE Ezmeral Container Platform
Data Analytics and DataOps
Data Analytics and DataOps

Enable data-driven apps with no movement of data. HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is a globally distributed data store with unequaled scale, performance and reliability that simplifies management and provisioning for data-driven applications and eases movement between on-premises and cloud environments.

Learn about HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric
Data Science and MLOps
Data Science and MLOps

Accelerate time-to-insights for ML projects. HPE Ezmeral ML Ops addresses the entire ML pipeline from data preparation and model-building to training, deployment, monitoring and collaboration—operationalizing the end-to-end process so you can focus on business outcomes.

Learn about HPE Ezmeral ML Ops
ITOps and Admins
ITOps and Admins

Drive consistent service delivery and business agility. HPE’s automation software empowers you to focus more on innovation, improving execution reliability and efficiency that results in increased agility, reduced risk, and lower costs.

Learn about Automated and AI-driven Operations
Business Leaders
Business Leaders

Gain visibility and control across all your clouds. HPE Managed Cloud Controls ensures compliance and cost control across multiple public cloud environments to simplify operations and optimize costs.

Learn about HPE Managed Cloud Controls
Security and SecOps
Security and SecOps

Speed app authentication in distributed clouds. HPE’s security software and open source contributions increase productivity and agility by enabling developers to build in inter-app authentication into containerized apps straddling legacy data centers and cloud-based infrastructure.

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HPE Discover Virtual Experience - Accelerate transformation. Advance innovation

Now available on-demand, see how to run, manage, control and secure the apps, data and IT that run your business. Learn how HPE Ezmeral software runs containers and Kubernetes at scale to modernize apps, from edge to cloud.

Success in action
Mercedes Benz Logo


Global automaker Mercedes-Benz AG deployed HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, accelerating its development of autonomous driving functions with ready access to global data.


To make intelligent and autonomous driving a reality, global automaker Mercedes Benz AG was faced with the challenge of managing and analyzing enormous amounts of data.


The automaker selected HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric to collect and manage massive amounts of data from test vehicles and make them available to developers across the world.

The HPE solution has worked out of the box as the enterprise data platform for the automaker. It enables the company’s data science teams to easily store, manage, process, and analyze data in one place.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Mercedes-Benz AG has accelerated the overall development of its automated and autonomous driving functions by leveraging deep learning techniques to train neural networks on representative data sets.