HPE at Mobile
World Congress

26–29 February 2024

Modernize Your Network, edge to cloud

At MWC 2024, you can explore ideas to grow your B2B revenue with AI inference at the edge, Private 5G, Wi-Fi, digital twin and security first networking powered by AI. Reimagine your Telco Cloud and RAN with workload optimized telco grade infrastructure, trusted by the largest operators. Accelerate, innovate and transform how you work with GenAI and optimize operations with zero touch telco automation.

MWC24 Keynote with Antonio Neri

Accelerating the power of networking

The industry is at an inflection point where networking technologies are converging to accelerate the 6G era and beyond. At MWC24, Antonio Neri, President and CEO of HPE, and Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks, will discuss why the unprecedented technology shift spurred by AI will change the game in the networking industry.

Tue, 27 February: 12:00 - 13:00 CET

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MWC24 Conference Session with Phil Mottram

Delivering networking of the future, today

Being able to deploy real, scalable private networks is critical for large-scale operations in sports, defense, logistics, and other industries. At MWC Barcelona 24, Phil Mottram, EVP & GM of HPE, and Michael Cole, CTO of Ryder Cup Europe, talk about how we are delivering the security-first, AI-powered universal connectivity the future demands.

Wed, 28 February: 13:15 - 14:15 CET

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Highlights from Mobile World Congress

Check out the thought leaders and the hottest tech from MWC. More videos coming soon!

HPE solution demos at MWC:

HPE GreenLake for telco

Looking to complete your hybrid telco cloud? HPE GreenLake is a portfolio of cloud and as-a-service solutions that helps simplify and accelerate your business. It delivers a cloud experience wherever your apps and data live – edge, data center, colos, and public clouds. Available on a pay-as-you-go basis, HPE GreenLake runs on an open and more secure edge-to-cloud platform with the flexibility you need to open up new opportunities.

To the ISS and beyond: The next edge

Building on the current multi-year mission aboard the ISS, HPE along with key partner KIOXIA Memory is delivering the power of edge computing, AI, and ML enabled with the greatest memory capacity to ever go to space with the HPE Spaceborne Computer-2, this demonstration shows the art of possible at the next edge, the surface of the Moon. Featuring Venturi Astrolab’s FLEX lunar rover and HPE edge technologies, stop by to learn about the current mission on the ISS and get a glimpse of the future of edge computing and space exploration.

Build smarter GenAI with HPE RAG Technology

Learn how HPE helps businesses build smarter LLMs. This demo shows how LLMs for diverse industries can use HPE Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to retrieve and cite existing documents when responding to queries. With HPE Machine Learning Data Management Software and HPE Machine Learning Development Environment, businesses can develop more effective LLM-based generative AI/ML projects more quickly.

AI Inferencing at scale for service providers

Learn how the new HPE ProLiant RL300 can help service providers and OEMs use AI to fuel innovation, while lowering power consumption and uncovering new insights. You’ll see how you can start your own BMC using network booting capability. And you’ll learn how these tools open new possibilities for operating and managing cloud-based AI infrastructure as a service.

Zero-touch automation across core and RAN

Automate disaggregated multi-vendor RAN and Core infrastructure with HPE Telco RAN and Core Automation. This open, pre-integrated, and scalable cloud-based platform enables zero-touch deployment and simplified lifecycle management of multi-vendor network functions. See AI/ML-driven assurance, optimization, anomaly detection, and closed-loop automation in action. And, learn how to unify management of traditional and disaggregated networks from Core to Edge with a single pane of glass.

Ericsson RAN planning with digital twin

Deploy efficient LTE and 5G, gain a deeper understanding of your network, and enhance customer experiences with advanced analytics and visualization.  This demo showcases Ericsson's RAN digital twin, powered by the HPE GreenLake Flex Solution built for Digital Twin, which is a NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise certified platform.

Precision liquid cooling for sustainable open RAN

Learn how HPE, Iceotope, and Intel are collaborating to improve sustainability at the Telco Edge, including Open RAN. This partnership integrates Iceotope’s groundbreaking 2U Precision Liquid Cooling enclosure with HPE’s DL110 Gen11 server, powered by Intel 4th Gen Xeon processors. Together, the companies are advancing new approaches to build greener, more energy-efficient telecom infrastructures.

HPE and Nokia reimagine cloud RAN

HPE and Nokia are partnering to revolutionize the RAN. Learn how Nokia’s anyRAN gives telcos and enterprises more choice in building a Cloud RAN. See an HPE and Nokia L3 data call demo using the HPE ProLiant RL300 server with ARM-based processors and Nokia Cloud RAN SmartNIC in-line accelerator. And learn how this flexibility smooths the evolution path for hybrid telco networks.

Ericsson and HPE: Open cloud RAN in action

HPE is working with Intel and Ericsson to build more efficient, power-optimized Open RAN solutions. This demo showcases Ericsson Cloud RAN running on the HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen11 server, powered by Intel 4th Gen Xeon processors featuring vRAN Boost technology. You'll learn how combining Ericsson's advanced RAN solutions with HPE server infrastructure and cutting-edge Intel processors can unleash a more flexible and efficient RAN.

Bringing Telco-Grade switching to open RAN

Open RAN brings new demands to telco networks. HPE Aruba Networking is ready to meet them. Our newest switch, the CX8325P-32, is designed expressly for open network architectures. Backed by HPE’s broad portfolio of compute, AI, and automation solutions, we can help you support Open RAN and other 5G initiatives with telco-grade performance and efficiency.

Security-first networking, powered by AI

How can you simplify management of wired, wireless, and SD-WAN infrastructures without compromising cybersecurity? With zero-trust, AI-powered networking. Learn how you can achieve a common, automated, security-first management foundation using HPE Aruba Networking Central, along with our newest switches and Wi-Fi access points.

Unify security and SD-WAN with SASE

For too long, networking and security seemed to evolve in isolation. Learn why more organizations are using HPE Aruba Networking’s secure network infrastructure and SASE to combine the best of both worlds. Find out how cutting-edge solutions from HPE Aruba Networking can help you safeguard your network, meet compliance regulations like NIS2, and protect your business.

Simple, smart, secure Wi-Fi for SMBs

Learn how HPE Aruba Networking Instant On Wi-Fi 6/6E-certified networking solutions make Wi-Fi simple and secure for SMB customers. Built for small and home businesses with little or no IT support, users can set up Instant On in minutes and manage everything remotely from a smartphone. The solution combines Wi-Fi 6/6E speeds and security, Smart Mesh coverage, and connectivity for up to 50 devices per site, all with no license fees and 90-day post-purchase support.

eSIM transfers made simple

You never want subscribers to have problems upgrading their phones. As more new models use eSIM technology though, carriers need simple, user-friendly solutions to transfer profiles from older devices. Learn how quick and easy eSIM transfers can be with the HPE Telco Device Entitlement Gateway (DEG). It’s from the same HPE experts who have been leading GSMA efforts to define the TS43 specification for eSIM transfer.

“Click to dial” with GSMA open gateway API

Monetize network-as-a-service with fully automated, secure, and scalable “click to dial” solutions. Use GSMA Open Gateway API to support diverse P2P and A2P messaging use cases, all using containerized network applications deployed in private and public clouds.

Grow B2B revenue with private 5G

Businesses in manufacturing, logistics, defense, and other industries have new, mission-critical networking needs that they can’t meet with Wi-Fi alone. Private wireless offers an ideal solution. By combining Wi-Fi with private 5G, telcos can meet specialized business requirements at the edge, while increasing their footprint and revenues with enterprise customers.

Fueling industrial robotics with private 5G

Industrial robotics can bring huge benefits—provided businesses can safely, reliably connect mobile robots in complex wireless environments. With support for low latency, nonstop connectivity, and comprehensive device management and control, 5G offers an ideal solution. In this demo, watch the wheel.me robot autonomously move goods around a warehouse using a private 5G network.

Lower costs, improve safety with AI vision & inference at the edge

The ability to spot problems and instantly react can bring huge benefits for manufacturing, industry, and other enterprise operations. Now, businesses are combining private 5G and AI at the edge to optimize their business. New AI vision solutions can analyze video in real time, identify objects, and provide essential insights to improve safety and efficiency.

Reimagine industry: Digital twins in the metaverse

What do you get when you combine Digital Twins with digitally-assisted humans? A revolution in the way we design and build solutions. In this demo, you’ll learn how “Extended Reality,” using the HPE GreenLake Omniverse platform, transforms design processes from prototyping through troubleshooting. With new tools to detect and correct anomalies in real time, you can improve quality, reduce costs and errors, and accelerate time to market.

Building a greener telco cloud with HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen 11

Unleash breakthrough Telco Cloud performance and efficiency with the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen11 with 4th Gen Intel  Xeon Scalable Processors. Designed for data-intense, large-capacity workloads, it’s the industry’s first solution to deliver Tbps performance for 5G UPF workloads in a single dual-socket server. And with Intel® IPM for 5G core providing Dynamic Run-Time Power Management, it delivers a 93%* improvement in per-watt performance compared to previous-generation processors without IPM.

HPE OEM solutions: Your vision, our OEM expertise

Explore the groundbreaking capabilities of HPE OEM Solutions, where innovation meets customization. You’ll learn how HPE can tailor our advanced compute, storage, and networking technology to your unique industry requirements. From ideation to deployment, we partner with you to accelerate time to market and create business-ready solutions with superior performance and reliability.

Telco cloud with HPE Alletra storage server 4110

Bring cloud agility, resiliency, and scalability to your datacenter with a Telco Cloud, built on HPE Alletra Storage Server 4110. This HPE Services-led solution delivers the performance to accelerate demanding data-driven workloads. It features NEBS/ETSI-validated reference configurations, HPE infrastructure, and container- or VM-based platforms that can be customized for specific use cases. Certified for Telco, it combines carrier-grade security, management, and performance.

Accelerate telco transformation with HPE Services

Learn how HPE Services can help you reimagine business operations with network automation, private 5G, AI for networking, and more. HPE Services teams combine expertise in the latest digital solutions with deep industry knowledge and the ability to deliver on a global scale.

HPE Executives at MWC24

Antonio Neri

President and CEO

Phil Mottram

President, Intelligent Edge Business

Jim Jackson

Chief Marketing Officer

Phil Cutrone

SVP & GM, Service Providers, Telco, OEM

David Stark

VP & GM, Telco Solutions

Luke McDonald

VP & GM, Communications Technology Group

David Hughes

HPE Aruba Networking SVP, Chief Product Officer

Special thanks to HPE’s Mobile World Congress sponsors

Intel believes data is dramatically shaping the future, and nowhere do we see this more than in the telecommunications industry.  Intel is working closely with HPE to virtualize the world’s networks. By transforming 5G core power-to-performance, taking vRAN mainstream, and enabling deploying private 5G networks faster and more cost effective, HPE and Intel are providing technologies and solutions that enable new services. Our customers’ success is our obsession. Intel is committed to delivering the technology leadership and reliable, top-quality products our customers need and expect.  Our silicon and software are essential for moving, storing, and processing data faster and more securely than ever before.  Advancing these technologies allows HPE and Intel to provide the platforms for modernizing and monetizing the network of the future, today.

KIOXIA Europe GmbH (formerly Toshiba Memory Europe) is the European-based subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs). From the invention of NAND flash memory in 1987 to today's BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory technology, KIOXIA continues to pioneer innovative memory solutions with high quality and reliability. The company's renowned BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory is an important component in almost all electronic devices where data need to be stored. By evolving "memory", KIOXIA creates uplifting experiences and changes the world.