Exascale Day 2023

To celebrate those who keep asking what if, why not, and what’s next.


The exascale era is here

The exascale era is well underway and we can now see the impact of this remarkable achievement.  And the growth of AI only increases the need for leadership-class supercomputing.  At HPE, we see how exascale computing will change the world.  More science, more discovery, and more innovation that improves the way we live and work.

How are we impacted by supercomputing & AI?

Exascale Day is a celebration of the profound impact the supercomputing industry has on society. These advancements drive progress in fields such as aviation, automotive design, weather forecasting, sustainable power generation, medicine and more, all fueled by the power of supercomputing and AI. Here are just a few examples.

Detecting breast cancer faster with AI

Artificial intelligence for more efficient and durable jet engines

Smarter water management in the face of drought

Optimized manufacturing delivers better products

Worth a listen

"Supercomputers have superpowers coloring book"

In celebration of Exascale Day, HPE invites you to download a new educational coloring book for children that illustrates how supercomputing impacts our lives every day. Share your colorful artwork on social with #ExascaleDay!