HPE Discover Barcelona 2023 with Atmosphere

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Available the week of December 4:

  • HPE CTO Keynote by Fidelma Russo
  • 20 Discover Innovation sessions
  • HPE GreenLake announcement show​
  • HPE Discover Studio shows such as Accelerate your AI advantage and Sustainable IT​
  • Executive/customer interviews from the HPE Discover Studios and theCUBE

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Take a look at the highlighted events, podcasts, videos and more that are here on the Discover More Network. From edge, data, cloud, security and more it's all here so your business can modernize without compromise.

HPE Discover Barcelona 2023 with Atmosphere

At HPE Discover Barcelona 2023 with Atmosphere get a first-hand look at how the convergence of Edge, Hybrid Cloud and AI will shape the future of your business.

HPE at AWS re:Invent 2023

See the latest HPE GreenLake advancements in hybrid data protection, hybrid observability, and AI/ML model training on AWS.

Space is a Team Sport - Partnering for success on the ISS and Beyond

An engaging panel discussion where HPE, Axiom Space, Venturi AstroLab, and KIOXIA Memory share their joint approach for delivering solutions in orbit and beyond to drive humankind's next great era of exploration at the extreme edge – Space!

Recommended podcasts

Five podcasts with unique perspectives. All are focused on technology, featuring the latest news and uncovering trends and opportunities. Stay in the know, now!

AI and conservation: Striking the right balance

AI plays a huge role, from analysing satellite imagery of reforestation efforts to identifying wildlife from acoustic scanners or trip cameras.

Flexibility to Grow Your Business

As SMBs adopt key new technologies like hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructures designed for today’s on-demand business needs, they need infrastructure solutions that give them flexibility and cost controls while letting them get on the road to modernization as quickly as possible.

Exascale: Are we ready for the next generation of supercomputers?

The dawn of the exascale computer has arrived. In May 2022, a computer named Frontier was switched on at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA.

What is AI, ML, and DL?

Host Calvin Zito is joined by industry expert Frederic Van Haren, CTO and founder of HighFens to help define artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL).

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