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Return to Work

Return to Work

Dr. Eng Lim Goh is in Singapore, a central hub attracting the best workplace talent from around the world. Here, he discusses how the future of work has changed to an intelligent hybrid workplace comprised of remote and on-premise locations. What remains consistent is using HPE technology to keep businesses thriving, employees safe and their privacy secure.

Reinvent your Workplace

Remote work has become the norm. HPE provides the expertise and technology to keep people safe and help organizations adapt as the workplace changes.

HPE GreenLake in the Fastest Place on Earth

Watch for a different look at HPE GreenLake. We care about the experience that our customers have, and we want to show you what we're thinking. Not by telling you about it or by demonstrating software, but to feel the speed and focus that HPE GreenLake brings to you. Erik Vogel takes us to the fastest place on earth as a metaphor for the speed and ease of use for HPE GreenLake.

Managing Financial Health

As we encounter these unprecedented times, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is uncertainty says Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA. From the virus crisis to the financial crisis and the overall social impact, learn how HPE is here to help accelerate recovery. Hear from Gerri Gold (COO, HPE Financial Services) and Keith White (GM, GreenLake Cloud Services) on how HPE is ensuring business continuity and future success with financial programs designed to help customers weather the COVID-19 crisis.

HPE GreenLake: The Evolution to a Cloud Experience (Ep. 2)

At a time when the business landscape is evolving at warp speed, companies need—more than ever—flexible, fast and seamless technology solutions. In this episode of Tech Talk, we’ll delve into HPE GreenLake’s cloud experience and the value it delivers for businesses.

Advancing Covid-19 Research

Host Daisy McAndrew gathers a global team of experts to discuss how HPE and partners are leveraging high-performance computing power and data capacity to help accelerate recovery and advance COVID-19 research. Author and Aspirational Futures CEO Sally Eaves and HPE’s Dr. Eng Lim Goh and Peter Ungaro share how technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping researchers better understand the disease and accelerate the race to find treatments and ultimately a cure. They look at the Open Research Dataset, the Open COVID Pledge, and Tech for Good and their role in bringing together researchers across the globe to work together on a common goal.

Everything-as-a-Service: Is your organization ready? (Ep.2)

What do organizations and IT departments really need in order to digitally transform and be competitive? Buzzwords and benefits are bandied around but as-a-Service is suffering from a serious lack of clarity! Michael Bird untangles the radical aaS revolution - a journey that starts with Salesforce, makes a few stops on the hybrid cloud highway, and culminates on the precipice of the digital age. We tackle cloud architecture and infrastructure with Paul Kennedy, to explore how you can get the best of both worlds and achieve the perfect trifecta: scalability, simplicity, and speed. Scott Thomson and Reuben Melville explain the new consumption model, from agility to utility billing. Plus, Tony Clement discusses the challenges organizations are facing to stay innovative and competitive, and why real transformation comes from within. Find the long show notes here.

Women Leaders in Technology: Managing the Workplace in a New Normal

Soledad O’Brien talks with three women leaders about the ever-changing workplace in the new normal. Even before COVID-19, many companies were exploring new workplace models, in part aiming to facilitate greater diversity, inclusion, and access to opportunity and mobility. This group will share learnings about costs and benefits of various approaches.

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The Element Podcast

Hear from the world’s top tech innovators, thought leaders and disruptors as they discuss the latest trends and help you unearth opportunities.

HPE Tech Talk

HPE shares news, tech Insights and world-class innovations with HPE's foremost thought leaders and change makers designed to propel businesses and industries forward.

Technology Untangled

Host Michael Bird untangles innovation through a series of in-depth interviews and stories with some of the industry's brightest people. The aim is to decipher tech's rapid evolutions with one key question in mind: What's really going to shape our future?

Tech Talk SMB

A new podcast for small and midsized businesses highlighting the latest from HPE – news, technology, insights, announcements, customer stories and more – all focused in on the trends that matter most to your company.