Our Culture

Empowering our people

Where It Began

In the famous Palo Alto garage, Silicon Valley started through the vision of our founders, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, who set their company apart from all others through their management style and culture.

"From the beginning, Bill Hewlett and I have had a strong belief in people. It has always been important to Bill and me to create an environment in which people have a chance to be their best, to realize their potential, and to be recognized for their achievements. Each person in our company is important, and every job is important." Dave Packard

Why We Are Different

We continuously push the boundaries of technology to deliver life-enriching innovations that impact the world. Our success is exemplified through our employees’ drive to advance ideas that bring meaningful innovations to life for our customers and partners around the globe.

What makes our culture thrive? Employees working together as a team, embracing the differences of all to achieve a common goal that benefits our customers and our communities.

Our Culture

Our culture is what defines us as a company: how we act, how we treat others, and how we conduct business. Our employees ignite our culture by continuously demonstrating bias for action, being innovators at heart, and always putting partnerships first.

Want To Understand More About Us?

Visit the Living Progress report to learn more about our workforce demographics, as well as our diversity and inclusion efforts.