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Digital IT transformation solutions and new business models driven by the democratisation of data, advanced analytics, and a citizen-centric approach.

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Digital technology enables public sector entities to better serve the citizen but it also causes citizens to continually expect more services. To keep up, you must transform how you deliver services to staff and citizens. We are here to help. 

We are a trusted leader in public sector digital transformation, having delivered outcome-oriented, citizen-centric public sector solutions for decades. We can help you easily adjust to, and then capitalise on, the digital advances that are reshaping the public sector.

A Track Record of Public Sector Success

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Smart Dubai creates world-class public solutions

Smart Dubai creates world-class public solutions

Smart Dubai seeks to deliver happiness. It created a city-wide network of world-class IT infrastructure services and smart sensors, integrated with analytics and real-time dashboards, to deliver innovative and creative public services.

Dubai Police Improves Enforcement with HPE Public Sector IT

Sheriff's office cuts server infrastructure by 90%


Worcester County Sheriff’s Office wanted to deliver cost-effective functionality and reliability to its employees and citizens. Its new hyperconverged system offers better services while reducing IT infrastructure and improving security.

HPE Public Sector Solution Keep Los Angeles Construction Booming

Town of Newington simplifies IT


Newington deployed a new hyperconverged infrastructure with a smaller data centre footprint. It now better supports its mission-critical applications, and safety officials no longer endure sluggish applications during system backups.

Japanese University Reduces Congestion with HPE Public Sector

LTE Group Delivers at the Speed of a 16 Year Old


LTE Group serves over 100,000 learners in the U.K.. It ensures a rock-solid, always-on experience for a wide range of students by leveraging complex but seamlessly integrated IT solutions.

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Analyst Report : 2017 CIO Agenda: A Government Perspective

Read 2017 CIO Agenda for Government IT Solutions
Analyst Report

Results from the 2017 Gartner CIO Survey indicate government CIOs' business and technology priorities are poised to participate in a digital ecosystem of connected service networks. A focus on interoperability and an external orientation that embraces interdependence are critical to success (27 pages).

Analyst Report : Transitioning to Digital Government Primer for 2017 (Gartner)

Download Gartner Transitioning to Digital Government IT
Analyst Report

Gartner posits that government CIOs can lead the transition to optimised and secure public services by taking advantage of available digital and data analytics technologies.

Business White Paper : Education Needs New Approach

Learn Why Education IT Needs New Approach
Business White Paper | PDF | 413 KB

Where are we with respect to primary and secondary education. What actions are needed to build an education system that is fit for purpose in the post-industrial world.