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High performance computing products and expertise that make supercomputing more accessible and affordable for organizations and industries of all sizes.

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Meet the challenges of our digitized world

Effective and efficient high performance computing (HPC) is key to any business’s success. But it can be daunting to design, deploy, and manage. Make sure that you get the best for your needs. Work with a partner with proven technology and a track record of delivering and supporting successful HPC deployments. HPE has decades of experience in HPC systems, and the proven products and expertise you need.

Storage must keep pace with HPC

Traditional storage simply can't handle HPC demands. You need storage with a parallel distributed file system to provide the high speed concurrent access to the data required by HPC. Without it, server nodes starve for data and processing is delayed. HPE offers a comprehensive set of easily deployed HPC storage solutions that optimize resources and scale with demand.

Software for all your needs

Accelerate your time to discovery and solve your most difficult computing challenges with greater success using the right mix of software from our portfolio. HPE offers complete software stacks for x86-64 systems and Arm-based systems.

Quality support to get the most out of HPC

There are a lot of moving pieces. Make them work seamlessly to do what you want. Our innovative HPE Pointnext services include flexible consumption models and proactive support capabilities that will make hybrid HPC simple and successful for you.

HPC networking makes it seamless

Optimize your HPC deployment for performance, reliability, ease of use, and total cost of ownership. HPE offers a comprehensive fabric portfolio that includes InfiniBand, Intel Omni-path, and Ethernet technologies, and custom designed switches and adapters for Apollo 6000 Gen10 and SGI 8600 integrated systems.

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Hybrid HPC enables flexible implementations

Migrating to a hybrid HPC infrastructure allows organizations to seamlessly tap into existing on-premises resources as well as scale resources on demand in the cloud, providing new levels of flexibility, efficiency, and agility. HPE servers empower businesses to enhance their HPC deployments and accelerate data workloads both on premises and in the cloud.

Breakthrough any supercomputing challenge

Solving the largest data analysis problems demands powerful supercomputing solutions. Only HPE has the combination of proven expertise and skills, comprehensive portfolio, partner ecosystem, and deep commitment to innovation to be your strategic supercomputing partner. Our unparalleled portfolio of supercomputing solutions and production capabilities, as well as, innovative technologies to enable ever increasing performance, scale, and efficiency of large HPC clustered solutions has made HPE the world’s leading provider of supercomputing1.

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Bringing more HPC power to more industries

We’re making HPC systems available and affordable to business, scientific, and academic communities of every size — everywhere.

Manufacturing and engineering

HPE delivers CAE solutions that speed product design by enabling advanced simulations and fast prototyping of the most complex models.

Financial services

Financial institutions can take advantage of HPC to gain more insights from data, shave milliseconds off trading time, and comply with challenging regulations.

Life sciences

Deploy high-performance connectivity for HPC clusters by adding switches from Intel and Mellanox that provide more bandwidth for demanding workloads.


To locate promising petroleum fields and study fluid dynamics, geoscientists and engineers use HPC for geologic visualization and large data set processing.


With HPE, higher education labs can harness supercomputing performance to do research on massive data sets, including true artificial intelligence and deep learning.

HPC services portfolio

Advance your HPC with HPE Pointnext

Advance your HPC with HPE Pointnext

Leverage our AI, data, and analytics CoE expertise and newly enhanced HPE Pointnext advisory and professional services for big data/Hadoop planning, design, and implementation.

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Plan big data and AI strategically

Plan big data and AI strategically

During this one-day HPE Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop, your key decision-makers gain clarity on big data and AI concepts, identify the use cases that are a priority for your business, and create a high-level plan that defines your steps forward.

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Get the service experience you expect

Get the service experience you expect

Achieve your desired outcomes by aligning your priorities with the service experience you expect. Prevent and resolve problems through advice from HPE Operational Support services.

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Managing HPC clusters just got easier

Managing HPC clusters just got easier
Easily manage Linux®-based clusters up to 100,000 nodes using a fully integrated system management solution. HPE Performance Cluster Manager delivers fast system setup, comprehensive hardware monitoring and management, image management, software updates, and power management.

Winning with HPC

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center democratizes HPC-as-a-service

PSC installed new supercomputing systems to empower research communities that previously had not used HPC. The uniquely flexible and interoperable systems leverage interactivity, parallel computing, Spark, and Hadoop.

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Unlocking the secrets of the universe

Steven Hawking and COSMOS Research Group work to understand how space and time work, from the Big Bang to today, 14 billion years later. 

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Building a global chemical research supercomputer

BASF collaborates with HPE to develop one of the world’s largest supercomputers for industrial chemical research based on the new generation of HPE Apollo 6000 systems. The new supercomputer drives the digitalization of BASF's worldwide research.

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HPE Partner Ready for Service Providers Program

Maximize your HPC system utilization, seamlessly manage data center upgrades, and design and deliver new cloud-based services in less time. The HPE Partner Ready for Service Providers Program delivers a variety of premier services to be agile and efficient. The partners handle a wide range of business requirements with "as–a–service" solutions, mission-critical applications, and more — all backed by the power of HPE.

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Analyst Report : Next generation data management

Hyperion Report on Next Gen DMP
Analyst Report | PDF | 368 KB

Learn about how the new and increasingly diverse HPC-centric ecosystem, will require an effective next generation data management platform (DMP) that offers a range of additional capabilities that provide more than simple data movement across the data storage infrastructure for efficient storage utilization.

Analyst White Paper : Technology spotlight flash storage trends and impacts

Abstract image representing DMF white paper
Analyst White Paper | PDF | 903 kB

Learn about trends in chip technology and architectures, coupled with the flash-based solid-state disk (SSD) devices that use them particularly in high performance storage systems.

Video : HPE Apollo 70 system

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Play Apollo 70 System Video
Video | 03:58

HPE Apollo 70 System

Video : NCAR deploys HPE SGI 8600 supercomputer

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Play NCR Supercomputer Video
Video | 3:34

NCAR deploys HPE SGI 8600 Supercomputer

Video : Supercomputer QURIOSITY on Top500 list

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Play BASF Chemical Research Supercomputer Video
Video | 0:54

Supercomputer QURIOSITY on Top500 list

Video : Stephen Hawking and COSMOS unlock the secrets of the universe

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Play Cosmos In-Memory HPC Video
Video | 05:42

Stephen Hawking and COSMOS unlock the secrets of the universe

White Paper : Improving the energy efficiency of modern supercomputers

image representing Supercomputer Efficiency White Paper
White Paper

Energy efficiency has become an increasingly crucial requirement in high performance computing systems. New advancements in energy efficiency research enable more powerful and efficient HPC systems.

Article : A close-up look at the world’s largest HPC system for commercial research

Abstract image representing World’s Largest HPC Commercial Research System

A close-up look at the world’s largest HPC system for commercial research

White Paper : Exascale: A race to the future of HPC

Abstract image representing Exascale White Paper
White Paper | PDF | 595 kb

As a leader in the HPC market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides unique capabilities for driving innovation into the future. Learn how HPE is approaching the many challenges on the path to Exascale - the future of HPC - the next generation of computing. Register and download the Technical White Paper.

1 Based on number of systems on Top500 list.