vFunction enables developers and architects to intelligently and automatically transform complex monolithic Java applications into microservices, restoring engineering velocity and optimizing the benefits of the cloud. Designed to eliminate the time, risk and cost constraints of manually modernizing business applications, vFunction application modernization delivers a scalable, repeatable factory model purpose-built for cloud native modernization.

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Legacy code has been difficult to modernize. Lift and shift and re-hosting efforts have failed to yield cost or cloud benefits.  vFunction accelerates the application modernization process with intelligent automation that observes actual business domain flows and eliminates months of manual work. Faster than traditional engagements or tedious modernization labs, vFunction applies intelligence, data science, and math to address more applications, faster and smarter. With vFunction, organizations will:

  • Accelerate Java application modernization projects
  • Automate analysis & refactoring of complex applications
  • Create a scalable modernization factory
  • Deploy decomposed microservices to cloud native platforms like Ezmeral

vFunction accelerates modernization projects 10x-15x and saves $300k-$500k+ per app.  This lowers technical debt, dramatically reducing licensing costs and legacy application backlogs. Application teams gain engineering and business velocity beyond what is possible with lift and shift methods. vFunction automates modernization by:

  • Observing actual business flows and tracks application behavior.
  • Analyzing complexity of all your apps so you can prioritize & plan modernization.
  • Enabling teams to refactor, rewrite, or rearchitect monolithic apps using an interactive UI to visualize, refineme, and extract new services onto HPE Ezmeral, Kubernetes, or your cloud native platform.
  • Eliminating dead code and deploying efficient, compact microservices.
HPE + vFunction: Modernizing Legacy Applications and Data Sources Faster
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