Innovation drives progress, and Hewlett Packard Labs drives innovation.

At Hewlett Packard Labs, we are focused on transfer of advanced technologies into next-generation products and solutions. We work in collaboration with HPE business groups and our research partners to deliver innovation that propels our growth, creates competitive advantage, and provides industry leadership.


What we do

We are charged with solving some of the most complex challenges for Hewlett Packard Enterprise businesses. These inventions will dramatically improve tomorrow’s products and solutions. Labs works hand-in-hand with HPE’s businesses, bringing our innovation roadmaps together with our business roadmaps, integrating key technologies into our products, and accelerating how we drive technology from R&D to commercialization.

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HPE unveils supercomputing research that raises the bar for achieving quantum advantage

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Labs publications

Read the latest papers, technical essays, and studies authored by our researchers. Our scientists are thought leaders in their fields and their research often indicates where technology is going.

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Our people

Leadership Team

HPE Fellow, Vice President and Director, Hewlett Packard Labs

Vice President and Director, Systems Architecture & Management Lab

HPE Senior Fellow, Senior Vice President and Director, Large-Scale Integrated Photonics Lab

HPE Fellow, Vice President, Chief Architect 

HPE Fellow, Vice President and Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab

Director, Silicon Design Lab

Director, Networking & Distributed Systems Lab

Former Directors

Just as our current researchers are influencing the technology of tomorrow, the directors of yesterday have materially affected the technology we use today. We honor them for the part they played in building the future.

Starting with Founding Director Barney Oliver, HP Labs directors have been a distinguished lot. Oliver, who some consider to be one of greatest applied scientists of the 20th century, presided over HP Labs during a period when researchers invented the well-known HP-35, the first scientific handheld calculator.

Two directors were pioneers of Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) architecture. Others were developers of such technologies as ultrasonic imaging, high-speed computer printers and distributed computer architecture. And still others were global navigators who established HP Labs sites on three continents.

Join our team

Our people are the key to the success of Hewlett Packard Labs. We’re interested in highly creative individuals who are passionate about creating technology that can impact society and the world.

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Researchers and Engineers

Support the next generation of technology solutions, conducting meaningful work on the challenges and opportunities facing business and society in the coming decades.


Put your knowledge and skills to work doing hands-on research that directly influences leading-edge technologies and products. We offer the opportunity to create an intensive project within your specialty.

Students and Interns

We’re looking for highly qualified, ambitious self-starters to help accelerate our research into completely new technologies and applications.

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