Ezmeral Data Fabric on HPE GreenLake

Ezmeral Data Fabric

The industry’s first hybrid, analytics-ready data fabric centralizes different data types into a single, logical store increasing both data integrity and trust in the insights required to drive your business.   

Product Name

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics 


Virtually every enterprise faces a mandate to unlock their data’s value, but different data types, formats and platforms create silos that inhibit your teams’ ability to unlock the insights sealed inside.    

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric is the industry’s first edge-to-cloud solution that centralizes files, objects, NoSQL databases, and streams into a single, logical data store, then cleanses the data to prepare it for real-time or batch processing. Centralizing and normalizing data increases both accuracy and confidence in the insights required for strategic decisions.   

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric manages both the data and ops side of the analytics lifecycle. This single
solution handles streaming data, batch, time series, semi-structured and structured data replacing
approximately 8-10 separate applications required by ETL processes. Then the data is stored into a S3 or structured data store where it is processed. It simplifies the analytics application estate with a single platform that handles multiple clusters across different environments residing on heterogeneous infrastructure. 


HPE Ezmeral Ecosystem Pack is an optional add-on that allows customers to download pre integrated and tested open-source tools, such as Apache Spark, Drill and Hive, reducing the time spent integrating and configuring their community versions. This pack is layered directly on top of the data fabric to enable real-time, in-place analytics decreasing time to insights.

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