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EDB Postgres

HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres (HPE GreenLake Database) is an enterprise-grade database solution that combines the simplicity, agility, and economics of public cloud with the security features and performance benefits of an on-premises environment. HPE GreenLake Database provisions and integrates eligible hardware, software, and services to create an on-premises database solution that is consumed similar to a cloud-like service.


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HPE GreenLake Database is designed to provide an end-to-end solution that covers the whole lifecycle of the database environment. HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres aims to help remove the complexity of designing, implementing, and operating databases, so Customers can focus on deriving business value from their databases. Hewlett Packard Enterprise will propose and implement an HPE GreenLake Database solution based on the Customer’s requirements.

Once deployed, HPE will provide certain operational management tasks to help support the database solution. HPE proactively monitors usage and provisions additional available capacity ahead of demand, to help Customers ease the acquisition process and help reduce the risk of investing too much or too little in IT infrastructure. Customers are provided with a scalable solution that can help simplify their database experience, which can make it easier to understand existing and future costs associated with the solution. Through the consumption-based model of HPE GreenLake Database, Customers have ease of entry and fast access to the benefits of an open-source database solution.

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