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Gartner Predicts 2022 Report: Data and Analytics Strategies Build Trust and Accelerate Decision Making
Gartner Predicts 2022 Report: Data and Analytics Strategies Build Trust and Accelerate Decision Making
In this Gartner report, discover how data and analytics are critical to generating business value and get recommendations on how to build trust and accelerate decision making using data and analytics, along with other recommended research.
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Get the first analytics-ready hybrid data fabric with HPE GreenLake

Integrates files, objects, NoSQL databases, and streaming data into a unified layer that fosters enterprise-wide data observability and lifecycle management across traditional and cloud-native apps without refactoring data or applications.

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Modernize analytics and data management

Industry’s first edge to cloud solution that natively ingests and stores different data types, enables in-place processing, and simplifies data access by supporting APIs, languages, and protocols popular with analytic and data science consumers.

Modernize analytics and data management

Industry’s first edge to cloud solution that natively ingests and stores different data types, enables in-place processing, and simplifies data access by supporting APIs, languages, and protocols popular with analytic and data science consumers.

Single logical data store
Open platform
High performance object store
Multi-modal database
Single global namespace
Hybrid multi-tenancy
Single logical data store
Single logical data store

Integrates files, objects, NoSQL databases, and multiple types of streaming data from existing big data and cloud-native architectures into a single logical data store. 

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Open platform
Open platform

Integrates multiple data types from data lakes, warehouses, cloud, edge, and core. Broad API support enables legacy analytics and apps to run alongside new data and access all from single management pane.

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High performance object store
High performance object store

Optimizes all object sizes for both performance and storage efficiency. Multi-protocol access increases availability to a wider set of traditional and container-based applications.

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Multi-modal database
Multi-modal database

Performant NoSQL database supports real-time and operational analytics. Integrates with Apache Drill for distributed SQL queries on large datasets. Runs in the same cluster as Apache Spark for processing live, interactive data.

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Single global namespace
Single global namespace

Global namespace unifies data silos across the enterprise for use by any user, application, or workload. Enables multiple global deployments to run as a single, logical cluster no matter where the data is located.

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Hybrid multi-tenancy
Hybrid multi-tenancy

Global policies create and govern isolation and privacy for specific clusters, tenants, and groups allowing multiple jobs with different requirements to run in a single cluster. Allows data and analytic teams to share infrastructure without interference.  

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Benefits of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

Powers data-driven enterprises

  • Data consumed by existing and modern apps and tools
  • Consistent data functionality and services simplifies management, access and control
  • Designed for high-performance analytic and operational workloads

Overcomes technical debt

  • Ingests, controls, and manages data from data centers, lakes, warehouses, cloud, and edge environments
  • Get more value from legacy big data estates
  • Modernize without refactoring, slowly retire or build on top

Simplify data management & processing

  • Certified ecosystem components that work together in one or more clusters
  • Built-in security simplifies authentication, authorization, auditing, and encryption. FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Applies real-time masks on designated fields to hide sensitive or PII data in query results
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  • 52%

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Use Cases for HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

Analyze data at the edge

  • In-place analysis enables model training or deep learning 
  • Supports real-time actions   

Seamless Scale

  • Designed to transparently scale to large capacities 
  • Unified platform scales all data types in unison to simplify administration

Single logical data store

  • Accelerate time to insights with single trusted data source
  • Secure data sharing across traditional and modern data analytics apps and tools  

Platform level management

  • Global policies consistently secure, protect and manage volumes, objects, tables, and streams 
  • Data and applications scale without increasing IT human resources
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HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric product details

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

A unified data layer that increases data accuracy and control across edge to cloud. Works well with existing systems by ingesting data from current infrastructure. Accelerate insights by layering on analytic tools and frameworks.


New Work SE logo

New Work SE accelerates data insights for a better work life

Professional networking service company deploys HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric allowing them to sustain business growth with data-driven offerings to job seekers and employers.


Traditional solutions such as network file system (NFS) stores and relational databases were not addressing the company’s requirements for flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness.


HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric was the only solution that fully delivered to New Work’s expectations for a stable, massively scalable, and easy to use environment to analyze large amounts of raw data.

“Admin and maintenance would usually take 20 to 30% of our team’s time. HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric reduces this to less than 10%.”

Eren Akca, Senior Business Intelligence Systems and DevOps Engineer, New Work SE


HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric makes quick data exploration and analysis a straightforward exercise. A key benefit is the ability to run multiple use cases on a single cluster instead of relying on separate clusters for each use case.



The HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric (v6) Admin Series courses for system administrators, IT professionals, data architects, and data engineers. You'll gain skills from configuring clusters to how to set up global configuration parameters and configure client access for a data fabric. And learn how to use Access Control Expressions (ACEs) to control access to cluster data and get foundational knowledge as well as hands-on technical experience with a variety of data fabric topics.

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