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An IT investment strategy can help your business gain the flexibility, speed, and control needed to accelerate innovation and growth.

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Re-Engineering Economics of IT
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Transformation Funding

HPE Accelerated Migration

Free up value from existing equipment to fund new IT solution deployment by shifting existing owned assets to a flexible usage payment model. Receive the value hidden in your existing IT equipment and invest it in new technology innovation.

HPE Asset Recovery

Programmatic ARS keeps you secure while optimizing your IT assets through the entire lifecycle. Recycle responsibly and unlock your asset resale value.

HPE Pre-Owned

Driving innovation and reliability within your IT infrastructure doesn’t always mean relying solely on new technology. Previous generation technology is perfectly suited for a variety of business scenarios. Explore how HPE Pre-Owned can help you achieve your goals, without sacrificing your budget.

HPE Rentals

Keep your enterprise nimble with quick access to the latest technology, especially for short-term needs like a data center move or proof of concept.

IT Consumption

HPE Subscription

Simplify the way you acquire, consume, and pay for server technology. Select a customized solution from pre-defined options that include best-in-class hardware, software, accessories, and worry-free services for a predictable monthly subscription fee for 24 or 36 months.

HPE Flexible Capacity

On-site flexible capacity in an “as-a-service” model that allows you to pay as you grow — delivering a public cloud experience, but without having to move away from the control and security of your on-premises IT.

Re-Engineering Economics of IT

HPE Pre-Provisioning Programs

Our suite of pay-as-you-deploy delivery models can help you avoid delays by having forecasted infrastructure needs shipped, configured, and ready for future business activation— all in advance of payment. Explore how you can extend deployment schedules, overcome budget restrictions and avoid complex internal procurement delays with one of our flexible HPE Pre-Provisioning offerings.

HPE Technology Refresh

Accelerate plans to modernize your IT infrastructure. Avoid the costs and resources required to maintain aging IT. Consider a Technology Refresh program that allows you to make monthly payments and routinely refresh your infrastructure every 2-4 years while satisfying the needs of both IT and Finance.

All Other Programs & Promotions


HPE Service Provider Growth Suite

As a service provider, you have to be able to respond to a market that is changing fast. Keep pace with customer demands while delivering the investment capacity to upgrade technology essential for business growth.

HPE Flexible Asset Return for Servers

Harness unpredictability with an elevated degree of investment management for new technology deployments. Proactively adapt to changing demands for speed, ease of use and time commitment—with the option to return a percentage of unneeded servers within 12 months.

Investment Solutions for HPE Hyper Converged 380

Investment solutions for HPE HC380 provide you with options to make monthly payments based on a price per VM per month structure and to pay as you deploy and scale.

Investment Solutions for HPE ProLiant EC200a Managed Hybrid Server

Acquire the HPE EC200a with the simplicity and convenience for a predictable, monthly, payment. Tightly integrated compute, storage, and networking, together with Zynstra virtualization and cloud management software delivered on-site but bundled as a managed service.


HPE Accelerate Your Refresh

Customers can accelerate plans to modernize and scale IT infrastructure with 0% financing on HPE servers, storage and networking hardware. Help customers acquire new systems, preserve cash and meet budgets—all while avoiding increased maintenance and operating costs from aging IT.

Offer available now through April 30, 2017.

Pay As You Grow

Customers can minimize front-end costs when acquiring new equipment and budget the flexibility to ramp-up deployment, installation, and training for your new technology.

HPE Smart Choice

Help your customer take advantage of this 0% or low rate financing offer for storage to help drive change and move their business forward. Offer available now through April 30, 2017.

Deferral Offers

Take advantage of our deferral programs for your HPE solution.

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