IT Asset Lifecycle Solutions

Investment and asset management services that help you optimize your existing IT infrastructure and transition to new technology.

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Unlock additional value from your existing IT

If you’re like most businesses, you use 70% of your current IT resources to manage legacy infrastructure, and the other 30% to implement new technology.1 IT asset lifecycle solutions from HPE Financial Services help you extract additional value from your existing IT investments or move to new technology more effectively. We’ll develop a custom plan to help you optimize and repurpose your existing IT investments — or convert them into capital that funds your transition to new innovations.


Optimize your existing IT investments

Extract the full value from your existing IT assets when you redeploy them in another area of your business. Our vast, multi-vendor asset pool can supply end-of-service-life hardware components that keep your legacy-locked hardware or proprietary systems running longer, or even expand them.

Transition to new technologies

Unlock the IT currency in your existing investments to fund business-critical technology refreshes. Our remarketing operations for your unneeded equipment, coupled with savings through short-term and proof-of-concept hardware rental vs. purchase, help extract value to accelerate innovation.

Adapt for changing business needs

Build a flexible plan that spans both the globe and the IT equipment lifecycle with a one-stop shop for asset lifecycle services — tailored to your specific use case. Our platform of global capabilities delivers consistent, secure services around the world to help you reuse, recycle, or destroy decommissioned IT assets. 

Begin your IT circular economy journey

All good journeys are built on a sturdy plan, solid execution, and strong measurement. Your IT circular economy journey should be no different. Challenge your IT and Sustainability organizations with these goals to get on the right path towards environmental sustainability:

  • Form a partnership with your Sustainability team – be a part of your company’s sustainability program
  • Ensure at least 75% of your retired assets go back “into the circle”
  • Measure your contribution to CE and hold yourself accountable

Measure your contribution to the circular economy

With the HPE Financial Services Circular Economy Report, IT can show their direct contribution to the overall sustainability goals of their company. Circular Economy report is a customized analysis for Lease Return and Asset Upcycling customers.

Circular Economy in IT eBook

Discover how taking a new approach to your IT asset lifecycle management focused on remarketing, reuse and reduced power consumption can decrease your total cost of ownership and unlock additional value for your organization. Read this eBook to learn how and why IT organizations are taking advantage of the Circular Economy.

Circular Economy and the IT Mindset

Jo Cruz presents circular economy and the IT mindset. The results from our recent study asking companies about their interest and activities to support environmental sustainability initiatives. We explore both the impact it has on companies, and the opportunities for IT to contribute to company-wide practices.

Sustainability groups’ view of the circular economy

In this podcast, we discuss the data available from the Circular Economy and the IT Mindset study, and Dr. Frey’s observations from his experience working with sustainability teams at companies around the world.

HPE has joined the Ellen McArthur Foundation

Ellen McArthur Foundation (EMF) is a thought-leading organization that works with businesses, government and academia to build a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. We are helping accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Simplify your global IT asset lifecycle process

Streamline your asset lifecycle process by relying on HPE Financial Services as your single-source provider for these global platform capabilities:

  • Asset value recovery
  • HPE and third-party product expertise
  • Custom product configuration, test, and disassembly
  • Product cataloging, staging, and redeployment
  • Global reverse logistics
  • Data security and destruction
  • Recycling and environmental compliance

Our asset lifecycle services

Find new ways to plan for, acquire, consume, and adapt the technology systems you need for business transformation. Optimize your existing infrastructure or move to new technology more effectively with IT asset lifecycle solutions from HPE Financial Services.

Certified pre-owned equipment

Extend the life of your legacy systems with our vetted and certified inventory of used IT equipment, including the entire current HPE portfolio, from 18 months up to 25 years old. Purchase, lease, or rent — whichever model works for you.

HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Manage and monetize your owned IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle. More than just IT equipment removal, asset upcycling services (formerly asset recovery services) help protect the integrity of your brand reputation by providing secure data overwriting and environmentally responsible removal and recycling.

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Virtual warehouse services

Save money and extend legacy system life by supporting your future needs with your existing assets. Store, update, and redeploy decommissioned equipment from the convenience our centralized warehousing facilities.

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Data center consolidation

Keep business running as usual during your data center relocation or consolidation. Rent our pre-configured, customized systems in the interim to ensure an interruption-free transition.

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Proof-of-concept enablement

Unleash the powerful selling tool of demonstration — but leave the setup and operation to us. Our flexible pool of IT technology can be deployed and redeployed to demo a design concept to OEMs and application vendors, or for extended usage in a real business production environment.

Success in action

Transguard upgrades to scalable business agility

Security and business services firm Transguard needed secure asset removal and flexible investment solutions to scale its technology in tandem with its growing business needs.

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Comport gives new life to healthcare systems

Data security provider Comport helps its commercial and healthcare clients extend their legacy environments with certified, pre-owned products supplied and supported by HPE.

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Video : A look inside the U.S. Technology Renewal Center


Watch us bring new life to legacy hardware as pre-owned, custom-configured solutions or securely dispose of unwanted items at our Andover, Massachusetts Technology Renewal Center.

Video : A look inside the EMEA Technology Renewal Center


Get an insider’s view of how we securely process legacy IT assets for recycling or reuse with this virtual tour of our Renewal Center in Erskine, Scotland.


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Global citizenship is at the core of our business, and as a result, our partners around the world uphold the same high standards. We are committed to our customers managing their IT investments responsibly and with compassion for the environment and society.


infographic | application/pdf | 1085 KB

1-page document that describes the ALCS solutions and processing done in the Technology Renewal Centers

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1. Forrester, The Global Tech Market Outlook for 2018 to 2019, January 2018