Public Policy

Our Corporate Affairs team drives the company’s strategic political engagement and global citizenship initiatives.

Policy Priorities

We advocate on public policy issues to grow and protect our business. Our engagement with government leaders and global audiences encourages policies that promote innovation, provide access to technology, eliminate barriers to growth, and advance our business priorities.

Internet of Things Powers Transformative Growth

Internet of Things (IoT) will drive economic growth and efficiency with smarter homes, cars, factories, businesses, and entire cities. Governments can advance IoT adoption through public project deployments, increased spectrum availability, harmonization of global standards, and robust security and data protection.

High-Performance Computing Solves Complex Problems

Public-private collaboration and R&D investments are critical to leap to the next level of exascale computing and to maintain U.S.  economic competitiveness through leadership in High-Performance Computing.

Connectivity Makes It All Possible

Spectrum availability is essential to the increasingly networked world. Campus connectivity allows innovative delivery of important public services, such as education and healthcare.

Tax Policies Foster Competitiveness

Tax policies drive economic growth and job creation. U.S. tax reform should focus on achieving global competitiveness and encouraging R&D.

Market Access Helps Us Reach Our Customers

Improved market access enables our technologies to reach global customers. Trade agreements must reduce barriers and reflect the digital economy.

Sustainability Guides Our Approach

Sustainability is part of HPE's DNA and guides our operations, innovation strategy, and employee engagement. Our sustainable technologies benefit our company, our customers, and our world. We encourage organizations to consider sustainability as an integral factor in technology decisions to meeting the data needs of the future.

Political Engagement

HPE engagement in the political process is ethical, legal, and transparent. In the U.S., we advance our political objectives through the HPE PAC, which contributes to candidates and committees aligned with our public policy objectives, and through limited corporate contributions where permitted by law.


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