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Dynamic Syndication


Inline Content with Feature Icons


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All content for all HPE products

Inline Product page with feature icons

Accelerate shopper education, leverage the best possible positioning of product and maximize awareness of key products on your website by using HPE Inline Content on your website. These rich content pages map to your product catalog and update automatically so no maintenance is required.

Feature icons which are used in conjunction with inline pages allow select sections of HPE content the ability to pop up in a light box where a user can easily access them. Feature Icons provide site visitors another way to find deeper product level information on your website by moving rich content above the page fold. HPE partner syndication offers both a vertical or horizontal presentation to easily highlight key product features, images, videos and more!

This service can be accessed from the Partner Ready Portal.


Web Campaign Syndication

Web Marketing solutions at its best! Connect to a deeper level of products and solutions information that is both informative and visually attractive in the form of a webpage. A simple integration will allow you to embed an HPE full microsite showing rich product level and solution type content that offers lead generation opportunities through Contact Us form. Our web syndication service works on any website and the content is dynamically refreshed making it maintenance free.

This service can be accessed from the Partner Ready Portal.

Leverage HPE Global Campaigns

Co-branding has never been better, or faster. Get synchronised with HPE’s Global Campaign Editorial calendar.

Maintained seamlessly

After setup and implementation of the iFrame Code, our syndication engine will maintain and refresh content as it becomes available.

Flexible content selection

Choose the topics that you want to syndicate on top of our campaigns to make the most impact with your customers.

Core Product Syndication

Content Aggregator for Products (CAP)

All of HPE product content – all in one place

CAP is the core product syndication service for HPE. It is a subscription-based service that automates the delivery of rich content for HPE products.

The source content is delivered in a single XML file format via FTP or SFTP, within which the subscriber can choose from a wide variety of media and

information types, including:

Active and obsolete product content

Technical specifications and product category/name/number

Marketing messaging

Product compatibility and life cycle information

Product images and videos(URLs)

Collateral materials (data sheets, brochures, white papers, etc)

Warranty and support information