OEM innovators today have a range of options when it comes to bringing their offerings to market. Organizations whose intellectual property (IP) rests in software may find that providing an integrated solution stack makes life easier for their customers, but this can create complexity for them. The greatest customer value can only be achieved by delivering a fully integrated solution, with hardware and software optimized to work in harmony. But configuring, installing, and billing for hardware can be a heavy lift. Meanwhile, software-only OEMs may need to offer their end customers a more complete and validated solution but do not have the resource or expertise to include a defined hardware element. With this in mind, HPE has worked with its channel partners to create a go-to-market model to complement existing, more traditional routes. A model that enables you to market and position your fully integrated solutions to your customers while benefiting from a trusted partner to transact and deliver the hardware component. The result: a scalable, flexible, profitable business model for you, and a great experience for your customers.

A virtual OEM solution (V-OEM) helps your OEM business remain competitive, agile, and flexible by enabling you to deploy and scale your solutions fast. With V-OEM, you can shift the hardware integration, installation, and/or license billing to an HPE authorized channel partner. This allows you to maintain the benefits of a turnkey solution without transacting the HPE hardware yourself.

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Innovate your route to market with HPE OEM Solutions 

The Virtual-OEM service from HPE OEM Solutions is designed to help your business remain competitive, agile and flexible as it evolves to meet today’s demand for software based solutions.

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Introducing V-OEM: a simpler way to offer an integrated OEM solution

“Transforming innovation into enduring success” is the motto of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Solutions. The organization is constantly evaluating ways to help OEMs innovate.

Innovating with a Virtual OEM Model

Reduce complexity and scale fast with Virtual OEM

A virtual OEM (V-OEM) model helps your OEM business remain competitive, agile, and flexible by enabling you to deploy and scale your solutions fast Find out more in this overview video.